The Truth….

As one who is driven to disseminate, I do my best to bring forth truth about issues I am passionate about– and I love to answer your questions. Here are 10 of your questions and what I consider to be the answers, after considerable research…

Will thuja help for brain damage from vaccinations? Classical homeopaths have been treating adverse reactions to vaccines for over 100 years. Thuja was often used to successfully treat adverse reactions to the smallpox vaccine and still today, Thuja is touted as the #1 homeopathic remedy to use for adverse vaccine reactions. Although Thuja was an effective treatment for vaccinosis back in the 1800’s, in modern times it is largely ineffective for treating the adverse effects of vaccines today. To find out what works for vaccinosis in modern times, we must turn to the work of modern Dutch homeopath Dr. Tinus Smits. Dr. Smits is both a medical doctor and homeopath who has been practicing homeopathy for over 20 years. He is also a seasoned expert in treating what he calls PVS: Post-Vaccination Syndrome. Check it out at

Can the pertussis vaccination cause a miscarriage? Yes, and so can the flu vaccine as well. The CDC is alleged to have ignored up to 3,587 miscarriages from H1N1 Vaccine. Read all about it at
Flu Vaccine Caused 3587 US Miscarriages & Stillbirths

Why did I feel like throwing up after oil pulling? You may be swallowing a small amount of the highly toxic swish or perhaps it was a temporary disturbance from the toxic draw, however I have not heard of that being a problem that could arise from oil pulling, such as phlegm in the throat coming loose and getting into the mouth or the urge to pass urine or stools. Never swallow any of the oil if you can help it, but if you do, no big worries. Some folks rinse with salt water after swishing, but DO NO GARGLE! Here is more info;

Is Bodhi Schofield schizophrenic? Since he is too young to receive the official diagnosis we can only make an educated guess and mine is ‘yes’.

Do heroin chippers exist? The surprising truth is ‘yes’. http://www.drugs-

Does oil pulling decrease gum pockets? Yes, and it will firm up loose teeth as well. Don’t expect overnight magic- give it time and it will work.

Will homeopathic calc phos help low blood pressure? Yes, and it also works for high blood pressure as well. How can it work on both? Because it corrects the root cause for the pressure imbalance, weather it be too low or too high. Get the details at

What was the US Army’s experiment on mosquitoes? I read several pieces about genetically modified mosquito’s designed to spread malaria, and here is a good site to get the details from

What tissue salt helps frozen shoulders? Ferr Phos is the recommended tissue salt for this condition. I have also heard that they are injectioning salt water into frozen shoulder patients with great success. It seems salts in general (even an Epsom Salt bath) is good for frozen shoulders, as per

Is Jani Schofield faking it? This question has been asked of me many times (to my disbelief) and I always answer it with the same question;                                   “Are you kidding me”?  

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PTSD-Not Just For Soldiers

We all become conditioned to respond to repetitious acts, such as Pavlov’s dog, who salivated every time he heard the bell ring, weather he was actually fed or not.

ptsdWhen you experience a traumatic event or a series of repetitious acts that conditions you with a negative reaction, we call that PTSD, or post traumatic stress disorder, much like the soldier who gets a panic attack every time he hears a loud pop that sounds remotely like gunfire.

PTSD is a mental health condition that’s triggered by a terrifying ringing phoneevent or events — either experiencing it or witnessing it. Being the mother of a young woman who battled heroin addiction for some years, you can imagine I got a variety of frightening phone calls from my daughter or about my daughter. I attribute the terror I still feel when the phone rings, to be PTSD. When I consider my daughter and the journey she has been on, I wonder what her PTSD is.

It is natural to feel afraid when in danger, and in a ‘well’ person the ‘fight or flight’ response is a healthy reaction meant to protect a person from harm. But with PTSD, this reaction is changed or damaged, and fear and stress might be felt, even when they, or their loved one, is no longer in danger.

Conventional treatments for PTSD include antidepressant drugs like Paxil or Zoloft which come with side effects such as suicidal thoughts (go figure), and talk therapy including cognitive restructuring, exposure therapy, and stress inoculation therapy, but there is no known ‘cure’. According to comprehensive research, the symptoms of PTSD really never go away, because of the profound psychological and physiological reactions we experience during a trauma. Traumatic events can’t be completely undone, (although they can be diminished in the mind). Some of the symptoms of PTSD that are debilitating include flashbacks, frightening thoughts, emotional numbness and depression, sleeping disorders, overwhelming sadness, deep worry, lack of ability to concentrate, and uncontrolled outbursts of tears or anger, and persistent, intrusive, vivid memories or thoughts about the traumatic event or situation ( not to mention a multitude of possible physical aliments as well).

For those of you who prefer a more natural mode, Dr Larry Malerba, writes a compelling article in the Huffington Post about how homeopathy can serve to relinquish the condition of PTSD’s energetic hold on its victim. Fortunately for the veteran who benefited, Dr Malerba was right on with his remedy selection. (Please note that the wrong remedy selection will not achieve the same positive result.)

And in keeping with natural healthcare,  The following Bach flower remedies may also assist in easing some of the PTSD traumas:

Pine- This can help when feeling guilt, especially for things that are not your fault.
Star of Bethlehem- For overcoming trauma
White Chestnut- This helps with intrusive memories.
Willow-For when you have suffered adversity and find it difficult to accept.

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Getting Creative With Sai Sanjeevini Patterns

sai6If you have not met them yet, meet the Sai Sanjeevini team, at, a prayer based, self learning, spiritual healing system. In their words, this is a brief explanation of the system;

“The Sanjeevinis are subtle (spiritual) vibrations of all of Mother Nature’s own healing forces. These vibrations have been “harnessed” through highly focussed prayers on to cards as patterns.

Each Sanjeevini is a focussed prayer to the Lord to heal a particular body part or a disease using His own Healing Energy which of course includes all known and unknown healing forces in Nature (including all systems of medicine and healing).

A very important aspect of the Sanjeevinis is the spirit of surrender – “Thy Will be done” is the yearning with which a healer is best able to use the Sanjeevinis without allowing the ego to interfere.

There are a total of 324 Sanjeevinis  – 60 Body Part Sanjeevinis (common body parts from abdomen to Whole body) and 264 Disease Sanjeevinis (Acidity to Whooping Cough). The diseases range from the simple Cold, Fevers, Injuries to chronic conditions like Asthma, Psoriasis, Cancer, AIDS, Leprosy, Parkinsons Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Osteoporosis etc.

Most other diseases which are not listed can be healed by combining various Body Part Sanjeevinis and Disease Sanjeevinis.”

As equally impressive as the system, are the various ways you can deliver the remedy, once it is made. Traditionally, you may place a glass of water on the prayer pattern, say a short prayer, and in 20 seconds the water is charged with the prayer. You can place your water on several prayers, one at a time, or you can make a sample of the mega remedy you make, by charging an amber bottle of sugar pellets (always label the bottle), and then use the sample to charge water, or whatever you wish.

Here are some creative ways to utilize this amazing and effective total healing system;

You can charge a small piece of paper with a mega remedy made from the patterns, such as ‘sleep’ and pillow‘marital bliss’, and put them in your pillow case, for a continual flow of remedy all night long.



footAnother way to use a piece of paper, say in the case of a sprained ankle, charge the paper with combinations such as ’emergency’, ‘ankle’, and ‘injury’, and wrap the paper against your foot with your ace bandage.    

                         pony tail holders

Charging up a little girl’s hair bow with Sai Sanjeevini healing prayers is a great way to get your kid to take her medicine. She can pretty up her hair, and receive healing prayers, all in one. I actually have sent my daughter to rehab with pony tail holders that were charged with everything from ‘right conduct’ to ‘addiction’. Is her addiction cured? No, but she does report reduced cravings when she is receiving the remedy.

coolerIn my home, since it’s just Jimmie and I now (and we both have some common health needs) we charge our water supply with ‘blood pressure low’ and the ‘kidney’ combination. Sai Sanjeevinis are prophylactic, as well as curative. Just place each bottle directly on the patterns, or make a sample mega combination, which you can use over and over, using a tranfer chart.

If your child has ADD, is schizophrenic, or suffers from other emotional or mental disorders, there is a pattern, or group of patterns, for you. Make your mega remedy sample from sugar pellets labeled and stored in an amber bottle. Using the sample bottle and a transfer chart, charge up their chocolate milk, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, or apples, and let the healing begin. apples chocolatemilk sandwich


Dispelling The Myth About Jani

What genius suggested Jani’s illness is being caused by Munchausens, a disease of the parent, who is secretly making the kid sick.



Do your homework folks (I did mine), and the shoe does not fit.


  • The symptoms Jani displays are witnessed by parents and medical staff alike. Her symptoms do not mysteriously disappear when at doctor appointments or during hospitalization.
  • Her symptoms agree with her diagnosis and do not seem bizarre in relation to her condition.
  • There were no unusual chemicals reported in Jani’s system, to account for her ‘condition’.
  • There is also the sibling, Bodhi, displaying similar symptoms, and fitting the same scenario as Jani’s.

So this rules out Munchausens, in my book.

The Schofields are truly an amazing couple dedicated to providing a healthy and loving environment and creating meaningful lives for their 2 special needs kids. I would love to reach out to them, and share my Sai Sanjeevini pattern for schizophrenia, homeopathic suggestions for autism and schizophrenia, and introduce them to chakra balancing and several other natural things they can do to enhance the well-being for both their kids. Susan and Michael- you can call me anytime…phone1

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To Medicate, Or Not…

Dual diagnosis isall . Why else would drug addicts chronically relapse, if not because they had an underlying untreated mental issue standing in the wings and popping out from time to time, making staying off their drug of choice next to impossible. But are these dual diagnosis facilities able to boast better results than just plain  12 step programs, and are they really effectively dealing with the mental aspect?

Now we are seeing more  dual diagnosis facilities, meaning they claim to treat the underlying pillsmental disorder, be it bipolar, schizophrenic, ADHD, or some personality disorder like narcissistic or borderline, along with the addiction. Sounds like a plan indeed, until you examine it, just to discover that the treatment is nothing more than prescription medicine and the ‘management’ of such- standard issues such as mood stabilizers, anti depressants, tranquilizers, and let us not leave out anti-psychotics, doled out in generous portion by psychiatrists  who abandon the concept of  ‘err on the side of caution’ often over medicating, and only see the client once a month. What is worse is that that are cross addicting many addicts who never took pills (but do now), and cross prescribing giving anti-psychotic drugs normally reserved for schizophrenics or bipolar folks, to everyone.  Tegretal, Lithium, Klonopin, Zyprexa and Riperdal are all cross prescribed. I have noticed the same trends in other areas as well- there is a drug I see advertised called Humira, originally said to clear up  skin rashes and such. Now they are billing it as a treatment for Crohn’s disease. And Botox injections are now being used to treat migraines.  Hmmmmmm.

When clients are medicated they are perceived as more stable and more cooperative.  No tech or counselor wants a high maintenance client at rehab.  Night time meds before bed ensure the sleepingclients will lay quietly in bed all night- the facility needs to run smoothly at night when there is only 1 staff member on duty.  No worries…there is plenty of Seroquel to go around!! And so this is how the mental/emotional component of the picture is now being treated- it is sedated and subdued with a pill.

Nobody asked me, but this is just outrageous. There are soooo many negatives to these drugs

  • cross addiction/dependency
  • side effects
  • long term damage to organs
  • no curative effect

Isn’t it time to  try something different already?  Or at lease add something new into the repertoire, cause folks, we still have drug addicts galore…  I’ve said it before   and I’ll suggest it again- some new ideas for rehab;

  • Astrologists and numerologists would do the primary intake and participate in making both diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Homeopaths would select natural medicines as needed for mental and physical imbalances
  • Healthy habits and  gratitude exercises would replace drugs and pity parties
  • Harm reduction would be offered as an option for those who are unable to abstain entirely

And lastly, here is a list of natural alternatives to some of the hard core drugs given to unsuspecting clients;

  • Sai Sanjeevini (a complete healing system self administered) offers dozens of prayer patterns creating change on a deep level.  Let me introduce them at .You can make a mega remedy selecting the diseases, body parts, emotional conditions, and spiritual attributes you wish to address, which might include, addiction, whole body, forgiveness, vaccine antidote, right conduct, and whatever else you wish to add.  You can charge up your morning coffee with the mega remedy, or charge up a piece of paper, and slip it into your pillowcase giving you a constant dose as you sleep at night!
  • Fish oil is considered a natural cure for bipolar disorder and is an important supplement for people with bipolar depression. Studies have shown omega-3 fatty acids in the form of fish oil stabilizes mood and have effects similar to lithium.
  • Gingko Biloba, American ginseng, lemon balm, homeopathic medicines such as Stamonium and Cina, magnesium, zinc and other vitamins and minerals, biofeedback, and massage, all have significant results reducing the symptoms of ADHD.  Check out this site for home remedies for ADHD
  • The homeopathic remedy Apis was  successfully administered to a paranoid schizophrenic, dramatically reducing symptoms and significantly changing the patient’s life.
  • How about DBT, dialectical behavioral therapy, for borderline personality disorder? Or try Aconite followed by Nux

I could go on all day…blog

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The Latest Pandemic, Autism

autismIt’s not a germ, but there is a pandemic of autism among children in the western world and it is spreading worldwide. Thousands upon thousands of children are being diagnosed as autistic every day in the U.S.A., the U.K., and increasingly in Australia. A few decades ago the incidence of autism affected only one child in a thousand but now it is more than one child in a hundred. But the first most important question to be asked is, Why has this pandemic occurred over the last four decades? A growing number of medical professionals and parents believe that it has been caused by vaccinations of various kinds, but principally the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella vaccine. [MMR]. This has been known to the pharmaceutical industry, the Western governments, and to the health and medical professions for decades but they have mounted one of the most slick and collusive denials and distractive tactics ever known. University of Pittsburgh (UP) in Pennsylvania revealed that many of the infant monkeys given standard doses of childhood vaccines as part of the new research developed autism symptoms. Now I am against using animals for experiments in this way, but it does prove the point.

Dawbarns Law Firm of England has published a paper in which they report on over 600 instances of side effects following the MMR and MR vaccines, which were introduced in England in 1988. These include 202 cases of autism, 97 of epilepsy, 40 with hearing and vision problems, and 41 with 100 behavioral and learning problems, the latter in older children. Although British health officials deny a relationship of these conditions with the vaccines, Dawbarns has accounts of over 200 parents who believe that their children were normal before they were vaccinated, and who can point to nothing (other than the vaccine) which could account for the deterioration in their children’s conditions.

Dr. Jennifer Reid, N.D. says, “As a naturopathic physician, I have been working with autistic children since 1997. I was introduced to these nutrients three years ago and was very skeptical even though the science looked good. I decided to try glyconutrients with five of my most extreme cases. One of these five patients was a severely autistic child. With this child, I saw what appears to be a recovery of all previous symptoms. I have worked with over 150 autistic children. All children are unique, but in general, what I am seeing is that within the first month, the child’s verbal communication increases, their “stimming” decreases, and their color improves. As health continues to improve, behavior problems will diminish. The need for many additional supplements will also decrease after starting glyconutrients. Glyconutrients give the body the nutrients to naturally chelate itself of many toxic substances. Families using glyconutrients with their children are having amazing results with autistic characteristics. The results and improvements are definitely undeniable.”

I have heard about autistic twins. I know someone who has a friend with an autistic child, and the child’s father also has another autistic child by another woman. No, it’s not in the genes, it’s from the vaccinations.

A very bright and dedicated mother of an autistic child put together a highly informative site;  She talks about yeast, diet, cod liver oil, and homeopathy, as well as confronting her doctor after the vaccination damage. A must read.

What can we do to help our autistic children?

  • Switch to a totally gluten free diet.
  • Homeopathy (remedy to be chosen by dosing or by professional homeopathist).
  • Bach flower remedies such as Clematis, Violet and Snapdragons.
  • Dowse for the most beneficial healing color, and dress your child in that color.
  • Sai Sanjeevini prayer has a prayer pattern for autism. I would combine it with several patterns, such as right conduct, respect for parents, and faith.  I have long wanted Bodhi Schofield to try this healing modality, by having his mom make him a Sai Sanjeevini mega remedy, and also one for his sister Jani, for which there is a pattern called ‘schizophrenia’. Susan, you can charge up their morning orange juice or chocolate milk, or peanut butter sandwich!          sandwich






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From Boring To Bizarre


I promised you answers to your questions (no matter how boring or bizarre) and here they are…


can one continue the usage of cinnamon and honey after a miscarriage?         yes

    can cinnamon and honey be taken by kidney stone patient?


alcoholismBach flower remedy for alcoholism – I do not know of one nor could I find one that fits after researching, but I can recommend several homeopathic solutions, as well as the grape diet!


Chestnut bud for autistic children Clematis, Madia, Violet, Snapdragon, and Impatiens have been able to help with a many of the negative behaviors that go with autism, whereas Chestnut Bud, Aspen, Cerato, Heather, and Chicory have been known to help schizophrenia. Must read

using Ferrum phos. after knee surgery– Use this both 2 days before and and a few days after surgery for reducing inflammation in the early stages as well as the chance of soreness or redness after any surgery. It is a remedy recommended for incision type wounds and soft tissue wounds. I recently took it 2 days before dental surgery (and after along with Arnica), and the doctor reported hardly any blood during surgery, and I also had an speedy and successful recovery.

oil pulling shrinks gum pockets – Most definitely. Daily oil pulling, or kavala gandoosha, has significantly reduced my gum pockets, and also cleaned and straightened my teeth somewhat. I swish 6 out of every 7 days and consider it a vital part of my ‘best health practices’.

list of homeopathic medicines for gall bladder polyps– Chelidonium and Lycopodium are the number one remedies for gall bladder, and here is an entire gall bladder health protocol

Jani Schofield Munchhausen by proxy – Are you kidding me? I am frequently asked this question, and always refer folks back to this article but in a nutshell, THE SHOE DOES NOT FIT.shoe11


In Answer To Your Questions

questionsEvery so often I use your internet search terms to answer many of the toes1health questions you all have. This keeps me on my toes and up to date on the latest information and alternative health ‘best practices’, and gives you the information you have been looking for!

Cell salts for foot fungus– cell salts are equilibrium remedies used to balance excess and deficiency, but in this case is not the remedy.  I suggest;

  • Disinfect inside shoes with baking soda.
  • Make a remedy water of Sai Sanjeevini anti-fungal patterns sip frequently during the day.
  • Drink a few drops of oregano oil in a little orange juice daily. This kills the fungus from the inside.
  • Soak feet in cinnamon and water- cinnamon slows the growth of fungus. You may also soak in vinegar and tea tree oil water.
  • Wear open shoes as much as possible and keep feet dry.
  • Eat lots of garlic- it has wonderful anti-fungal properties.

janiJani Schofield– Jani Schofield and her brother Bodhi, are indeed the most popular subjects I receive inquiries about. Jani is one of the youngest schizophrenic children ever diagnosed, and her brother Bodhi, who is autistic, may also suffer from schizophrenia. I, like a lot of the rest of the world, have fallen in love with this young lady, and try to keep tabs on her progress. From what I read, she is progressing well in a loving and nurturing environment, goes to school several times a week, and is still on medication.

Cinnamon bad breath– Actually, a teaspoon a honey sprinkled with cinnamon will freshen your mouth and help combat bad breath for hours! That is one of many many fantastic honey and cinnamon cures.                                                                                                                                                                       last-rites

Who got medically hexed– a man who died 15 minutes after accidentally being given his last rites, was medically hexed. Angelina Jolie was medically hexed because she had both breasts removed in anticipation of cancer. Now who does that?

heroinWhat is ‘3 day heroin rule‘- I am often asked about this and give the answer with mixed emotions. while in no way do I  condone it’s use, I see the ‘3 day heroin rule’ as a way for the heroin user to regulate his use, and avoid sickness or addiction, which is clearly harm reduction. The 3 day heroin rule says never use for more than 3 days in a row, to avoid addiction, but that has been updated to an even surer method of not being sick and not getting addicted called the 8/72 rule- you can use up to 8 hours in any 72 hour period. This translates into using just twice a week (for 8 hours each stick1time) so if you keep your dose reasonably low, you will never get sick and should have a high level of function ability. And yes, the 8/72 rule works, if you can stick   to the program that is.

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Tiny Kalapas

buddhaHere is an article by a guest author, Dr Michael Hoffman. I would like to introduce Dr  Hoffman, a professional counselor who motivates his clients to overcome anxiety, depression and addiction by transforming self-limiting beliefs.  His mindfulness meditation techniques help them discover new meaning in life as they grow more conscious of their psychological and spiritual potential.  He is a Doctor of Addictive Disorders (Dr.AD), a Certified Hypnotherapist (CHt) and author of the popular Sober Buddha e-newsletter and blog at

here is some of his poetry and writings…



When CNN monotony breaks my heart,
children wail for candy at cash registers,
and traffic buzz replaces birdsong,
I flee to my garden to water and weed.

Sanctuary explodes in miniature chorales
soprano buds breaking through cellulose cradles
last waters from a thousand wilting blossoms
sing tenor at their organic wake above the loam
and endless pneumatic streams drip from leaf tips
as they always have and will.

A googolplex of minute carbon dramas occurs
melodious ballads echo relentlessly
like Buddha’s kalapas of soil and light
as pistil and stamen call the fat brown bees.

Equally marvelous are my hands’
deft fingers fueled by arterial rivers
lymph and blood on capillaric freeways
with off-ramps for neighborhoods of dividing cells
built into my DNA,
this machine of loving grace.

Even the leather of my gloves
once lived thick on a bull eating grass
that waved on a prairie where the soil
let the sun in
drank the rain
and that meticulous ensemble
plays still for the wolf and the eagle.

With the last seed sewn
I sit transfixed by the garden gate
knowing every blossom in every random patch
will arise and pass away like the pointless TV news
and I hear the machinery of this impermanence
crackling like spring frost
when sprouts push through
and Gaia’s eternal trumpets ring.
– Michael Hoffman, 2011


It was the first round of meditation at a Vipassana retreat with my teacher Shinzen Young.
I settled into a comfortable, but not rigid sitting posture.  I focused mindfully on the alternating sensations of cool air entering my nostrils, warm air leaving when I exhaled and the delightful still point gap between breaths.

Then gradually it started to happen, that effervescent sensation of subtle vibration spreading from my heart upward to my head and down to my feet.  It felt like the finest massage, touching every cell in my body.  I relaxed into it, letting go absolutely any attempt to understand it intellectually.  For 30 minutes I floated in a  blissful, non-cognitive volume of vibrating space.  Some thoughts came and went, but seemed only like little sparks of energy without meaning or definition.  I was in what brain science defines as a beta and theta wave state.


Shinzen had humorously referred to this body sensation phenomenon as “champagne bubbles”.  He was teaching about the experience of kalapas (“particles of perception”), which according to the Buddha, are the tiniest of particles which make up both the mind and physical matter.  Kalapas are said to arise and pass away trillions of times in the blink of an eye.  I am continually amazed that what the Buddha described 2,500 years ago is virtually identical to what atomic and quantum physicists today call quarks, bosons and neutrinos.  I had meditated my way into an experience somewhere between the physical and metaphysical worlds, rising on particles of consciousness “tens of thousands of times smaller than a particle of dust.”

I understand all this to mean that since kalapas are impermanent, and since my mind and body are composed of kalapas, my consciousness is characterized by the arising and passing away of impermanent mind and body experiences.  Buddhist cosmologists call this insight into impermanence, or anicca.  I must keep knowing anicca as continuously as possible, regardless of what I am doing if I want to stay in this elevated vibratory place.  The Buddha’s advice is that this continuous awareness frees us from feeling stuck and victimized.  When we realize that no thought, body sensation or external circumstance is permanent, we do not suffer.  We can be patient and equanimous, knowing that sooner or later, our discomfort will vanish on its own.  We don’t get trapped in over-reactive and self-harming efforts to make our pain go away.

The last words of the Buddha were: “Decay (or anicca) is inherent in all component things. Work out your own salvation with diligence.” This is the core message of his 45-year teaching career.  If you remember that the impermanence of anicca is inherent in all component things, you will become free of suffering.

Practicing Vipassana has had a profoundly-liberating effect on my personal psychology. My ego-mind doesn’t turn uncomfortable thoughts and feelings into permanent states of mind. I don’t get neurotically-paralyzed by anxiety.  I am becoming more and more equanimous, not judging, but observing all thoughts and body sensations as the miraculous flow of kalapa energy.  When I am sad, it doesn’t last very long, and when I’m happy, I’m grateful because I know happiness will continue to arise.aware

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Planetary Hour For Luck, and more…

I am at your service with interesting health questions I receive on all manor of questionsthings, and the answers, which might surprise you…



DECradionics using tinctures- You can send a tincture just like you can send a remedy, a vitamin, or an intention, using radionics charts, a decagon, or radionics software.


grapesnatural remedies for alcoholism – here is information on the grape diet, and some other wonderful natural remedies for alcoholism


sai aussanjeevini card to remove poverty – combine combinations 1 (supreme strength and peace) and 60 (protection divine values) to start all cases. Then you can add 244 (auspiciousness), and 230 (poverty).



can oil pulling straighten teeth- Yes- I swish every day and can say my teeth are straighter and whiter, too.

thuja oil and vaccines – thuja has always been considered the number one homeopathic remedy to take after being vaccinated. I don’t know about thuja oil though.

jani schofield munchausen by proxy –What genius suggested Jani’s illness is being caused by Munchausens, a disease of the parent, who is secretly making the kid sick. Do your homework folks (I did mine), and the shoe does not fit.

  • The symptoms Jani displays are witnessed by parents and medical staff alike. Her symptoms do not mysteriously disappear when at doctor appointments or during hospitalization.
  • Her symptoms agree with her diagnosis and do not seem bizarre in relation to her condition.
  • There were no unusual chemicals reported in Jani’s system, to account for her ‘condition’.
  • There is also the sibling, Bodhi, displaying similar symptoms, and fitting the same scenario as Jani’s.

So this rules out Munchausens, in my book.

needlesheroin 3 day rule-The 3 day heroin rule says never use for more than 3 days in a row, to avoid addiction, but that has been updated to an even surer method of not being sick and not getting addicted called the 8/72 rule- you can use up to 8 hours in any 72 hour period. This translates into using just twice a week (for 8 hours each time) so if you keep your dose reasonably low, you will never get sick and should have a high level of function ability. And yes, the 8/72 rule works, if you can stick to the program.

drdoctor commits murder- Folks, this happens all too often, and you can read about several examples,, but just for a preview, Kermit Gosnell, 72, a ‘doctor’ (if I must) killed babies and endangered women. He regularly and illegally delivered live, viable babies in the third trimester of pregnancy – and then murdered these newborns by severing their spinal cords with scissors.

jupplanetary hour for luck –The hour of Jupitor will increase what you ask for in large measure (be careful what you ask for) and rules good luck, gambling, speculation, mercy, and  long distance travel.



Your questions and comments are always welcome.


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