Not Tonight Brandi

brandiOur faithful oldest canine Brandi is now pushing 16 years, and has been a subject of many healings over the years. She has slowed down so much since we moved from Hollywood 3 years ago and has a bit of dementia along with her weak hind quarters and heavy panting.  Still, she loves her morning walk, though slow, and follows me around from room to room for a good part of the day.

Difficulty raising, especially on the slippery floor, has been one of Brandi’s challenges lately, and sometimes requires someone to help her get up, as in what happened a few nights ago. She exhausted herself trying to get up and started with her heavy panting.  My daughter got her to a standing position but something was clearly wrong-  her front legs and chest were wobbly and she could barely hobble a few feet and flopped into one of the dog beds. She began to vomit. Her eyes were moving rapidly side to side and would not stop. With everything she had she tried to get up, unsuccessfully.

Now I’m panicking inside, afraid Brandi’s end was here, and lined up a house call vet for possible euthanasia assistance, depending on how the night went, with my husband (who I consider the senior healer of the family) on the way home to help me figure out our next move.

Jimmie arrives home and races for his pendulum-  dowses for a remedy for Brandi. Fragaria Vesca is selected, which is from the strawberry plant and known to loosen tarter on teeth, which Brandi certainly needs. In the pendulum1meantime he gave a dose of Bryonia.  Jimmie set to potentize the Frag Vesca which would take a few hours.  I was able to find the Sulis rate for it (6717) and using an excellent transmitting chart from and within minutes was sending her the remedy at the 1M dose.

As Jimmie and I went into remedy making gear, Brandi lay motionless on the floor. Within 10 minutes or so we came back in to check Brandi.  Eyes were still- the darting has ceased. We let her rest, marveling at the obvious neurological improvement. Suddenly, Brandi got up on her own, walked outside, and went to the bathroom. She was a little wobbly, but she made it.  This was one of several trips to either the water bowl or to go to the bathroom that night and Brandi was starting to look as good as new.

The next morning the live dose of Frag Vesca was ready, and we kept Brandi on that, and Bryonia several times a day, for several days and find Brandi now completely 100% back to where she was before this episode, and maybe better! A spot-on example of total natural healing-  first dowsing to select the correct remedy, realizing the remedy using a crystal glass, salt water, and a decagon, and even transmitting it using a numerical rate, and a witness placed on a transmitting chart. No prescription medications, no visits to the vet or doggie ER, on invasive tests or surgeries. Just pure metaphysical healing. A little know-how, and the energy of the universe, can go along way.

1 week later, I was reading  that heavily tartered teeth can cause the very debilitating conditions that Brandi has. Now we know why the pendulum chose Frag vesca! And much respect to my adorable house-call groomer Amy, who helped me with emergency resources, and was there for me every minute.

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Remedy Transmitter

DECIt is the best feeling ever, to know that within a given 2 hours, I can potentize any remedy I wish, from Arnica to Zincum. All I need is a decagon, salt, a crystal glass, and a black ink pen and white paper. The process is easy- just write out the name and dose of the remedy in caps (i.e. ARNICA 30C) dip in salt water and let dry. Now take the dry paper and place in the center of a decagon, with a crystal glass filled with water on top, wait 2 hours, and voila you now have a glass of Arnica 30c. I have done this dozens of times over several years now, and it is simply second nature to me.

Today I had the opportunity to try out a new chart, called Radionic Remedy Transmitter, which is given free at (go to homeopathy, then bonus, to find chart).  It allows you to transmit a chosen remedy immediately, using the rate, and bypassing the ‘potentizing’ process. The chart has an area on the left to write in the name, dose, and rate of the remedy, which attaches to a circular transmitter, the center in which you place your witness. I have an amazing compilation of all the rates- it is a 48 page book by Sulis Remedy Makers, of every rate imaginable- allopathic rates, rates for amino acids, flowers essences, homeopathy, elements, parasites, radio active fallout, chakras, gems, vitamins, and many many more. So here is how I used the new chart and rate book..

cookI offered to fix Jimmie some lunch prior to going in to work, but he refused, complaining of heartburn and digestion problems, so I dowsed for the number of the remedy that would most help his current indigestion and heartburn. I was shown number 81, and  after checking Ruggerio’s list of 151 homeopathic remedies, found that 81 was Lac deflortum. I didn’t have the remedy on hand, nor the 2 hours needed to potentize- Jimmie leaves for work in less than 2 hours, and I want him to have relief now. So I opt to try our new transmitter chart, and I prepare to transmit by writing in the name and dose of the remedy and the rate which I looked up in the rate book- LAC DEFLORATUM 30C 4247, and put an amber bottle of Jimmie’s spit in the witness area. The whole process, from dowsing to select a remedy, to looking up the rate and preparing the transmission chart, took less than 10 minutes. Ok, Jimmie lays down to rest and I transmit. 5 minutes pass and I ask how he feels. I got the familiar “Well?” which means…”now that you mention it I am much better”.

BTW, I looked up Lac defloratum, a remedy I have never used nor know about, and found it to be commonly used for travel/motion sickness, and for upset stomach from milk allergies. The fact that within 30 minutes of receiving the remedy, Jimmie was devouring home made chocolate chip cookies, speaks for itself. cookies


Helping Heroin Addicts

I belong to a few heroin support groups on Facebook, and read the posts, often commenting if I feel I have something valuable to offer, which is not always the case.

I have been following a man who has been trying to kick heroin and posts several times a day, for support, encouragement, and connection to recovery. I don’t know him from Adam, but respect his efforts and acknowledge the difficulty of the journey he is on.

Yesterday, he put up a post saying he drank a beer and smoked a joint, and wanted to know if it was considered a relapse. I said “A harm reductionist would say a beer and a joint is harm reduction. Continue to make choices that are less harmful than the ones you made before. Make it your rule- no heroin or opiates which are your downfalls, and continue with choices that have the least negative impact.” Some folks agreed, and others did not, but I applaud  the man for excluding opiates from his relaxation activities.

There is no ‘cure-all’ I know of, using allopathic, natural, or metaphysical means. Chronic and deep seated imbalances respond to slower deeper healing, and there are many things heroin addicts can do to curb the cravings, calm the crazy thoughts, and basically just cool down the fire;

gems1Choose a healing stone- Carry it with you in your pocket or slip in your pillowcase at night for a constant stream of the energy you are trying to receive. For a starter, let me introduce you to amethyst, the sober stone. You may chose your astrological stone, or read about the various qualities of different stones, and chose what is right for you.

sai6Sai Sanjeevini healing cards- This is a prayer based complete healing system, and absolutely free. They provide hundreds of healing cards of body parts, diseases, and conditions, including everything from schizophrenia, to addiction. Charge your morning coffee with your own personal mega remedy and let the healing begin. For anyone interested, I can guide you though creating the best mix for you.

homeopathyHomeopathy- Whatever condition it is you have, be it cancer or insanity, there is probably a homeopathic remedy for you. Working on the property of similars, homeopathy stimulates your own immune system to kick in and heal the body or mind. There are no side effects, no possibly of overdose, and it is very cheap. For the adventuresome, you can dowse for the right remedy, and then make it from scratch, absolutely free. For all others, consult a homeopathic doctor and let them do an intake to make a selection.


bachBach flower remedies- Dr.  Bach realized that plants have qualities too, and gathered the dew from various flowers and created remedies for an array of emotional disturbances. There are 38 formulas, and just by reading the curative properties of each, you will easily be able to chose a good match for you.


giving12Practice the art of giving and being grateful– These are 2 things that will always carry you through. We (my readers and me) do not live off the garbage heap, nor do we languish in prison or the hospital…we are fortunate!!! Talk to the next homeless person you see, and show him dignity. That is a beautiful way to give. Fold a dollar with a nice message written on it and leave it for a poor person to find (‘may health, wealth, and happiness find you’)…that is an anonymous way to give, which is the highest form of giving. The giving and being grateful boosts you to a higher place, and motivates you to keep on ‘keeping on’.

FYI- When in crisis mode, crisistry the Bach flower remedy called Rescue Remedy, or the homeopathic remedy called Ignatia (classic grief remedy) or Aconite (more for shock). You will be amazed how this stuff can take you from a 10 back to a 1, in just moments.

Your questions and comments are always welcome, or send me a private message at ‘contact us’.

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staplesJust as you need staples like milk, eggs, bread, and cheese in your refrigerator, we likewise need staples in our natural medicine cabinet, or as I call it, ‘healing closet.’ Today I am going tell you all about a homeopathic staple that everyone should have on hand for an emergency- Arnica Montana. It is said that this is the most widely used of all the remedies. It is the first remedy for any injury to hard or bony tissue such as head, back, arms or legs, and may also be great for any flu symptoms when you feel like you’ve been ‘run over by a truck’ or if  ‘the bed feels too hard’ when trying to sleep. Arnica is for flu with muscle aches, as though you were working out or doing very hard labor. An Arnica type would be one who has been banged up in a terrible car accident but then says “I’m just fine.” Arnica is also the first remedy for heart attack from overexertion or over doing a work out after being sedentary too long, but more often is used for the aches and pains that may come from an exhausting workout. Arnica can reduce swelling of the brain (encephalitis). No need to have your skull opened to reduce the pressure- just take Arnica. Arnica also stops the bleeding.

arnicaThere are many ways to take Arnica Montana, the most popular being purchasing it over-the-counter in a vile of dry pellets (about $10) and amber'taking it orally. If you do so, you can make that Arnica last forever. If you were to take just one of the small Arnica pellets and put it in an amber bottle filled with water and cure with a drop of Vodka, you could make a whole bottle of liquid Arnica which now can be taken by the dropper full, and you still have more than 99% of your dry remedy left to use to make dozens and dozens of bottles of Arnica liquid. Although directions on the dry remedy might say take 3-5 pellets for a dose, I can tell you just 1 pellet is every bit as much a dose as 3-5 pellets, and expanding the dry into liquid is a common practice.

Want another endless source of Arnica? You can listen to the tone on software such as Voicesync Digital Radionics which provides you with hundreds of remedy tones, including Arnica.

And lastly, for anyone who cannot afford the dry pellets or the software, you may potentize for absolutely free, for another endless source of Arnica. All you need is a decagon, crystal glass, white paper, black pen, salt water, drinking water, and yourintention                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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The 13th Cell Salt- Gold

keeleyI am looking into ‘double chloride of gold’, or ‘bi chloride of gold’- a tissue salt used in the 1800’s to quell cravings, and apparently many an addict was cured. It was called The Keeley Cure and was brought forth by a man named Keeley, who I learned about recently, on another path entirely. Now the remedy is no where to be found. A very astute reader of mine passed on an article about how the Rockefellers blocked the use of this gold, which in no way surprises me. The Rockefellers were behind the shutting down of homeopathic schools, Black nursing colleges, midwifes, chiropractors, and anyone who practiced natural healing as apposed to the allopathic direction Rockefeller wanted to penetrate the world with- all in the name of profits.

heroinI want to try this tissue salt on my daughter, a hard core heroin addict, and see if it reduces her cravings, and since the 13th cell salt is no where to be bought, I must ‘realize it’. No problem- I’ve been doing this for years and have the confidence to do it spot on, every time, be it for husband, daughter, dog, or myself.


DECThere is no Sulis rate for double chloride gold. Sulis has thousands of rates for dozens of categories of substances- If you have the rate, you’ve got the exact vibration, but even without the rate, I can potentize the old fashioned way, starting with writing the name and dose of the remedy in black ink, capital letters, on a small square of paper.. BICHLORIDE OF GOLD 6X. Dip the paper in salt water and let dry. Then place it in the center of a decagon with a glass of water on top (the glass must be crystal and flat bottomed- no stemware). Make sure there is good light. I always visualize the water soaking up the remedy, and then wait 2 hours. Your remedy is ready, now add 2 drops of Vodka, and store in an amber bottle- be sure to label.

Once the remedy is made, it can be taken by dropper under the tongue several times a day, added to a glass of water, or you could it transmit to the person in need (using a decagon, remedy transmitter, or radionics box) if there is no way to give a live dose. These things work folks, but remember, it must be my daughter’s will to stop using heroin, least her desires over ride my will to heal.heal


Making A Homeopathic Remedy From Scratch

I often boast about my spot on remedy making, using paper and black pen, salt, water, a crystalhigballglasscrystal  glass,  and a decagon. One of my readers recently asked me about the process because she didn’t have a crystal glass and wanted to use a ‘glass glass’, as she put it, also asking if placing a crystal pendulum near the glass of water on the decagon would suffice, and I said “No.”

crystalThink about the crystal in a radio. It is bringing information to you through vibration. So the purpose of the crystal glass in potentzing is to help bring the information to the water inside (the information being the name of the remedy that is written on the piece of paper, then dipped into salt water and dried, and placed beneath the glass on the decagon). Also, the salt grains are crystals too, and vibrate the energy of the remedy that is written.

I bought my first crystal glass at the TJ Maxx by LAX, for $2, when we first came to Los Angeles. It was an oval shaped glass with a flat bottom- just perfect. After it broke, we started buying our crystal glasses in Glendale where there are a glut of European gift shops with amber1crystal glass sets aplenty.

Now, when a remedy has been potentized, you may store it in an amber bottle with a dash of vodka or brandy to preserve it. Then label the bottle and store in the frig. Voila- the next time you bang your head, you can reach for the Arnica you just made.

sai6Let me also say that when it comes to making Sai Sanjeevini prayer waters, you may use a crystal glass, however, this is by no means a requirement- absolutely anything will charge when making Sai Sanjeevini remedies. I have made pony tail holders and hair clips charged with ‘sleep aids’ and ‘addiction support’ for my daughter while in rehab. Although she still struggles with addiction, she will be the first to tell you that she benefits from the Sai Sanjeevini energies, and will take the daily mega remedy I made for her, whenever her life style permits.

hair clipspony tail holders


Honey For Canine Seizures

brandiCanine seizures can result from many things, such as worm infestation, low blood sugar, vaccinations, kidney failure, head trauma, or brain tumors. Brandi, our 13 year old Rottie/Husky mix, had a seizure yesterday, from out of no where, it seemed. Seizures can be identified by stiffness, loss of consciousness, shaking or twitching, or vomiting. It was frightening, and I had no clue as to what to do. I seriously thought we might loose her, but my fast thinking husband grabbed the honey and spooned some down her throat, bringing her immediately to consciousness.

I believe Brandi’s was a hypoglycemic attack, as it was so readily halted by the honey. The honey raises the blood sugar thus stabilizing the dog. Note, maple syrup can be used, as well.

pen3After dowsing to see what homeopathic remedy would most benefit Brandi’s seizure condition, Jimmie was shown Adrenaline. With none on hand,and no radionic tone for it, he potentized the remedy using a crystal glass, salt water, and a decagon, and will be giving it to Brandi for 21 days.

So far so good. She had a bath and will be vacuumed and brushed a little later, which she absolutely adores. No signs of weakness or glassy eyes.

Smaller and more frequent feedings and snacks are recommended for dogs with low blood sugar. Here is a list of healthy snacks you can give your dog during the day, to keep his blood sugar levels in balance;

  • Celery
  • Carrots
  • Apples
  • Pears
  • Bran crackers          dog2
  • Rice cakes
  • Peaches
  • Hard Boiled eggs
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Oatmeal
  • Cottage cheese
  • Plain yogurt
  • Homemade meatballs
  • Chicken







Our Healing Table

sai6I love to do work at my healing table. Here is where I make sleep squares, which are small pieces of paper cut into a square, and then charged with various Sai Sanjeevini patterns, and placed in the pillow case of the person you pilloware healing. I make sleep squares for the whole family, each a little different. You could certainly charge up a beverage and drink it before bed, but I prefer the sleep squares because they provide a constant delivery of the formula all night, as your head lay on the pillow.

Each sleep square I make begins with combination #1 and #60, as do all the Sanjeevinis I make. Then add #144 sleep and we have a basic sleep formula. In my husband’s formula, I add the laundrypatterns for asthma and the marital bliss combination, and in mine I add nose, throat, respiratory, and blockages to curb snoring. I start with a small amber bottle filled with sugar pellets, and label the bottle, say, “Madeleine Sleep”, then charge my sample bottle with the appropriate combinations or single patterns, that I have predetermined to use. The labeled samples are keep in a plastic sorter box that is divided into rows of bins, sorted numerically. Now that I have my samples made up, we can create a remedy at a moment’s notice- I make fresh sleep squares easily, every time I do laundry!

Our dining room table is our triage area, with notebooks full of healing patterns, dowsing patterns, decagons, and Sai Sanjeevini transfer/broadcasting charts. We also keep an array of homeopathic remedies on hand, organized alphabetically, several pendulums and crystals, amber bottles which I use for making Sanjeevini samples as well as for when I potentize a homeopathic remedy- all of which are often seen piled on to the table at one point or another.  This is where I dowse, potentize, and use other energy charts.  The healing table is also the gathering place for family dinners and holidays, and has always been. From Los Angeles, where I bought the table and chairs in about nineteen eighty something, to 2 different locations in Pittsburgh, back to Los Angeles again, it has served me well.  Some of my happiest memories are of our family Passover Seders held every year, some bigger, some just the two of us, and always at our healing table.seder


Healing At The Hotel

redI often talk about my red velvet healing pouch, which never leaves my purse. Since we can’t predict when there will be an emergency concerning self or others, I carry a little of everything, in one neat little zipper bag.

As I look through the contents of the bag I realize most of it is Paper Doctor remedies, an entire system of healing comprised of radionic patterns you can touch, or make a remedy water from, activated by using a magnet under the pattern. Touch the dot with your index finger in the center of the pattern for 2 minutes for fast delivery, or place a glass of water on the dot for 10 minutes, and then drink the water. Repeat in 10 minutes if desired effect is not achieved, or you can move on to another pattern. Jimmie and I have taken this method a step further so that we can do instant healings while out and about. We have utilizing a small refrigerator magnet, meant to hold a picture, then reduced the size of the patterns to fit into the magnet device we call Geo Touch, for easy use. Just remove and replace the patterns as needed. There are hundreds of Paper Doctor patterns, but I only carry about 20 with me in my healing pouch, to cover a variety of issues that could come up while out in the world. I carry the pattern called ‘environmental toxicity’ for whenever I see a chem trail, and patterns such as first aid, stimulate your healing (a great way to start any case), physical injury, tired feet, energy boost, and a great pattern called ‘prevent cold and flu’ which I touch every time I see someone sneeze. In the stack of papers in my healing pouch, is the Sai Sanjeevini pattern called ‘poisons-all’. I have used this pattern numerous times for upset stomach, with almost instant relief. I also carry a vial of Sai Sanjeevini swine flu combination remedy which would cover any cold,flu,or fever, a small decagon, 2 healing stones, and a list of the 72 names of God.

Tuesday night we stayed at the Holiday Inn in Burbank, because our apartment was having some construction work done, and we decided to get away for the night. We use Holiday Inns, as they are pet friendly, and Brandi goes where we go. Although she is nicely behaved and was a perfect lady, she was panting and clearly stressed. When we got to our room, she followed me around and would not settle down. I was wishing I had remembered to bring some Aconite which would have surely calmed her. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, what’s in my healing pouch? I thumb through the Paper Doctor patterns and find one called ‘stress’, inserted it into the Geo Touch device, and stuck it under Brandi’s collar. The next time I looked over at Brandi, she was laying stretched out on the floor, quietly napping, Geo touch still under her collar. It took only a matter of moments for Brandi’s character to change dramatically and go from panting and pacing to cool, calm, and collected. A wonderful example of healing with no possible placebo.

Now for Alison, who drank a cherry drink in the morning, and had an upset stomach all day, but because of the construction, packing, and tending to the dog, I didn’t really pay attention. She complained to me again later that day at the hotel, and I immediately thought ‘Sai Sanjeevini poison pattern’ and reached for ye old trusty healing pouch, took my daughter’s water, and charged it with the pattern. “Take a sip of the water” I said, and she did. The stomach ache disappeared post haste. She was surprised, but I wasn’t. She would not have consumed a gyro, clam chowder soup, sauteed shrimps and scallops, and baklava with a stomach ache.

Think we are finished? No, not yet, because Jimmie’s tooth is still bothering him. Not to worry- he has all the homeopathic tones on his laptop, and can listen to Belladona, Silicea, or whatever remedy tone his pendulum chooses for him, right from his room at the Holiday Inn.

You never know where or when the need for healing may arise. It could be family or a stranger, preparedthat needs your help. As you can see, we travel well prepared.


Dr. Sahni- Update

dr sIt’s been a while since I reported my status on healing by Dr Sahni. I have been on several 2 week courses of remedies including Colocynth 30c, Rhus Ven 30c, Sulphur 30c, Lachesis 30, Mezerium 30c, Rhus Tox 30, Pulsatilla 30 and Rhododendron 30c, over the past several months, but my case is just not moving. As a part of my original complaints, I expressed concern about my thyroid, and he asked me if I could get some blood work done, to establish my levels. Instead, I made a thyroid dowsing chart, and both my husband and I dowsed independently, to get some basic levels for T3, T4 and TSH, and we both came up with the same results, and forwarded the information to Dr. Sahni. He did not seemed phased by the unconventional means through which I obtained my thyroid levels, and accepted what I sent. I make my report, because this is how we learn. He is probably making his report about me, as well!!

 Dr. Sahni has tirelessly re-evaluated my case very 2 weeks for months now, but my case is not budging. Prior to consulting him, I had taken a long vacation from natural practitioners. Since being introduced to homeopathy in 1999, I have worked with 4 different homeopathic doctors in Pittsburgh alone, and 2 or 3 others, long distance after them, but not one was able to move my case, address my sore feet, incessant itch on back, frozen shoulders, or the host of other complaints I have had. I either abandoned them, or they abandoned me, one saying (after several unsuccessful attempts to heal me) “You don’t need a doctor, you need a psychiatrist.” Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

 I was due to report to Dr Sahni, in mid- November, but let my communique lapse for 6 weeks, instead of the usual 2, and just got back to him last week again expressing disappointment and lack of benefit from any of the remedies so far. I have been called ‘torpid’ in the past, as far as my ability to heal. And even for one (me) who has many successful healings of others under my belt (in more acute situations), incorporating dowsing and remedy potentization, I have not been able to attack my own chronic conditions.

Now it gets interesting. Dr. Sahni has asked me if I have a radionics device, and is instructing me on remedies to make! This is more exciting to me that anything I can image.

 Here is my latest prescription, which I am to make with water or alcohol;

 Flor De Pedra rate: 614099……………4x Potency

 Soham Rheumatism & Arthritis 889 10…….30c

 Soham kidney  rate: 5678……..200c                                                                              Pl use the remedies together for 4 wks and report back to me.

This I will do, Dr. Sahni.





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