Taking Things Into My Own Hands, Again

MAD1My long thick hair has always been my crowning glory, but for the past several years, on and off, I’ve been experiencing hair fall out.  It is not noticeable to others, my hair being so thick and still looking good.  In the past I attributed it to the natural rhythm of losing and re-growing hair, getting thinner hair as we age, hormones, thyroid, or maybe anxiety.  I then began noticing an itchy feeling in a few places of my scalp.  I’m also still experiencing very stiff sore knees, hips, and feet, have a snoring issue. Truth be known, I’ve been working with Dr Kaur at Dr Sharma’s clinic in India- long distance, for almost 18 months, with only little progress here and there. Dr Sharma is brilliant to be sure- just go to the internet and type in any condition, the word homeopathy, and Dr Sharma’s name, and you will find a great article by him on the condition and a pic list of remedies with all their characteristics. https://www.drhomeo.com/hair-fall/homeopathic-remedies-for-hair-loss-hair-fall-and-baldness/

The hair fall out was becoming unbearable. I did an internet search for natural remedies for hair falling out, and then another search using the words- hair falling out- homeopathy- Dr Sharma, and voila, up comes an article about the 10 best remedies for hair falling out as well as what conditions cause hair loss, and which remedies address which symptoms. So from the information in the article I made a dowsing chart, one with causes such as dandruff, fungus, infection, hormones, thyroid, anxiety, other, and the 2nd chart with the 10 remedies listed. My pendulum chose fungus and Merc Sol 30C.  Using the Sulis rates and remedy transmitter, I broadcasted a steady stream of Merc Sol, bathed my scalp in pure apple cider vinegar, and later soaked the scalp in a mixture of coconut, oregano, tea tree, and calendula oils, mixed with aloe jell scraped from a plant, and let that soak in for about an hour. I repeated the process 2 days later. The hair loss has almost entirely stopped. My pendulum is boasting a 60% improvement in just a few days. I shall continue on this course. I’m ecstatic!!

I repeated the process for my structural issues, and looked up Dr Sharma’s articles on hips, joints, knees, and housemaid’s knee (which is apparently a real condition).  Apis was chosen for both knee and housemaid’s knee and both at the 1m dose. I did the same for snoring and read Dr. Sharma’s article on the 6 best remedies for snoring. My pendulum chose Opium 30c.

This may not be the orthodox way of prescribing homeopathy, but it’s my way.  My pendulum chose the following program for me;

Opium 30c- all night broadcast on the radionics transmitter using Sulis rate and my photo as the witness, and one live dose of potentized remedy before bed for snoring

Merc Sol 30c- one live dose of potentized remedy per day for 9 days for fungus, also covers hips

Phosperous 30c- twice a day for 30 days (for teeth, gums, and jaw bone) and also covers numbness and tingle in thighs I experience

Apis 1m- for knees and housemaid’s knee- twice a day for 12 days                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              pendulum1

I never make a purchase- I never leave the house. I have everything I need to potentize a remedy… a decagon, crystal glass with water, salt water, and the words of the remedy and dose written on a piece of paper. Or, I can transmit any remedy I want by finding the Sulis rate and broadcasting it on the radionic  transmitter, for an endless stream of remedy, all guided, selected, and approved by my pendulum.

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Rebel With A Cause

manIt amazes me that so many so-called ‘advanced’ people can’t grasp the simple idea of homeopathy and think outside the propaganda box. Despite education and sophistication, the typical urbanite doesn’t question what he’s been taught and is not inclined toward independent thought or action. Students of history will tell you that civilization has only advanced because of a handful of rebellious, creative, self actualized people such as Galileo, Newton, Einstein, Tesla, C.V. Raman, Da Vinci, Beethoven, Shakespeare, Vyasa, Premchand, Socrates, Gandhi, and Hahnemann, the father of homeopathy.

Parents, schools, government leaders, religions and now corporations, dictate how people should think and behave. Few children escape this indoctrination and most have had their curiosity,  rebelliousness and creative spirits suppressed long before adulthood. A few people escape and light the way for the rest, but most of us are sheep following the dictation of the ‘good old boys’ (the exclusive club of upper class white males who dominate the financial arena, medicine, law, and politics, and are driven by greed). Hahnemann was one of the most creative and revolutionary spirits who ever lived. His ideas challenged our view of living things, illness, healing and even matter and energy. A lifelong foe of ignorance and suffering, he helped heal people so they could regain health by getting at the root causes- not through the suppression of symptoms or by prescribing highly toxic pharmaceuticals.

Hahnemann opened my eyes and pushed me toward the paradigm shift, and after homeopathy came the decagon, potentizing, dowsing, radionics, and Sai Sanjeevini patterns.  Although I am far from being a Newton or Tesla, I remain ever the rebel- with a cause.rebel2

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Straight From The Dentist’s Mouth



Dental work throughout my life, has been a nightmare. All manor of unfit dentists have worked on my teeth, with horrible results.  I am trying to change the tide.



I’m so fortunate to have hooked up with an authentic holistic  dentist, Dr Ankit,  who actually uses the broadcasting of remedies and intentions in his healing protocols.  I wanted to share his latest tips for me, to aid me in my upcoming dental work.

Because I have deep gum pockets, 2 mercury fills that have to be replaced, and some other tooth decay, I’m in for at least 4 or 5 trips to the dentist to cure all this. I always go for the most passive and lest intrusive possible procedures, and include MMS, painting and massaging my gums with goldenseal and calandula tinctures, and homeopathy. I also want to share the program Dr Ankit set up for me in conjunction with the dental work;

1)  For deep cleaning of pockets – Take single dose of Pyrogenium in 1M potency a day before your visit and  Arnica 30 three times a day a day before and then continue (Arnica 30 TDS) it for 5 days.

2)  Before filling – Hypericum 200 one dose daily before, during & after visit (total 3 days only) and Arnica 30 three times a day before, during and after visit (3 days)

For flossing use ‘waxed’ dental floss.  The Oral-B dental floss is good.  You can massage your gums with the Sai Sanjeevni charged oil which you use for swishing.  You can write following intentions whichever you feel good or all of them on a broadcasting chart which you use.


BTW- you can always dowse for the best remedy for your particular dental carries, or create your own intentions for broadcasting.  In this case, I like what Dr Ankit picked for me.

I cant wait to get started.  Thanks Doctor Ankit- you are the best….

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The Surprise Fat Lip

No, I didn’t punch my husband out in a fit of anger and give him a fat lip. He justwife woke up with it Sunday morning, for no apparent reason. Looking to be about 3 times larger than normal in size, the lip carried no pain- ‘huge’ was it’s only characteristic.

kris jennerI remember an episode of the Kardashians where Kris Jenner suffered something similar while vacationing south of the border. The doctor had to be called and some drugs were administered (this was not a health show so they never mentioned which drug or what dose). Yep- same protruding upper lip from, God knows what.

My first thought was food allergy, or any allergy, which brought to mind Apis 1m. But this lip is too big for me to take chances- an educated guess is not good enough- think I’ll dowse.

I begin by asking my pendulum how this lip came to be… “Is this a food allergy?” “No.” “Is this an insect bite?” “Yes.” Ok, now we know what happened. So I dowse for the remedy (using Ruggerio’s list of 151 homeopathic remedies) that will most benefit Jimmie’s swollen lip. My pendulum points to remedy #85, and I confirm, “#85?” “Yes”. Without yet knowing what remedy #85 is, I continue dowsing for dose and frequency and arrive at the dose of 1m, 4 times today. I used to have my pendulum project how many days and how many doses a remedy might be needed, but now I feel it is better to take it day by day and see how things change/progress.

Now I want to see what remedy #85 is- Ledum palustre. Hmmmmmmmmm. I know little to nothing about Ledum- have never taken or prescribed it. This is what I found out;

The genius of Ledum lies in its effects on puncture wounds, animal and insect bites. It is used as an anti-inflammatory in causes of severe swelling and also for infection. Some say it beats Arnica in healing a black eye. Another hallmark of Ledum is that is used in cases of tetanus and vaccination reactions too.

I am thrilled with the pick, and just happen to have some on hand, in my red plastic 1m emergency kit. I have had this kit since the early 2000’s and have been using remedies from it as needed for over 15 years and still continue to benefit from it. It cost less than $100 at the time and has given me thousands of doses of remedies.

In addition to the Ledum, I made a Sai Sanjeevini water for Jimmie, which was charged with the following 3 patterns- face, inflammation, and  insect bites, to be sipped frequently throughout the day. There is never a limit to the amount of prayer patterns you can take! I also put a witness of Jimmie on Ruggerio’s radionic circuit #15, ‘eliminator of noxious energy’- a good place to start on almost any case.

We had a successful close to this episode- within 24 hours, the lip was completely back to normal. Since all these modalties work hand in hand so beautifully, I choose to blend a few things that logically compliment each other, and gently urge the body back to wellness. It worked this time, as usual. See, all better.kiss


A Great Proving With Healing Tones

For over a year, I have had a very interesting Voicesync healing tone program on my computer, but never explored it, until recently.  The program consists of a pick list of different conditions, in alphabetical order. Acne, abdominal pain, angina, asthma, aura builder, bed wetting, neuralgia, twisted joints, sedative, and about a hundred more. I even saw one for glaucoma.  First select a disease. As you can see, the frequencies used to create the tone, are listed on the left. For instance, the frequencies for the tone for ‘smallox’ are 120, 727, 787, and 880. I see the 880 frequency in many combinations for various ailments.  It is also interesting to note that many of the diseases use the same combination of healing tones (‘twisted joints’ and ‘stiff shoulder #1’ both use identical frequencies). Then below that, you can set the pulse rate of the tone, from 1-10. I wish I could tell you how to set the pulse, but the program comes sans instructions so we gotta sorta wing it. I settled in on pulse 3.

voicesyncMany of my issues involve structural conditions such as frozen shoulders, stiff knees, and sore feet, so I began listening to tones such as; twisted joints, inflamed joints, knee pain, acute pain, stiff shoulder #1 and #2, and the like.  After trying every holistic approach with little or no results for over 10 years, it took only about 3 weeks of listening to tones, to see some dramatic improvement.  I can report better knee movement and less pain, better balance, far less sore feet, and I don’t need to wrap the left foot as I used to.  When I stand from a sitting position, I can immediately begin walking, whereas before, I had to wait for the intense pain of the shift of positions to leave, before I started to walk. I’m impressed.

My 14 year old rottie/husky named Brandi, also suffers from pain in her legs, and stiff sore hips.  Always at my side, she lays by my computer desk, where I work on and off all day.  This is where I listen to my healing tones randomly throughout the day.  Both my husband and daughter independently commented to me on how Brandi’s gait had improved and her limp seemed to have vanished, as well as her pace quickening. I couldn’t figure out why, and the it struck me, she’s been listening to the same healing tones as I, and received the benefit of the tones, as I did.  I just love it when this kind of stuff heals the animals- because with them, there is no placebo.


Practicing Harm Reduction

push harm reductionSome people have a misconception of what harm reduction really implies- you see, folks who are systematically practicing harm reduction in regards to drugs or alcohol are not necessarily addicts, nor do they always display addict-like behaviors. Practicing harm reduction requires being better disciplined and higher functioning individuals then your every day addict- they often successfully manage their DOC (drug of choice). They usually hold down jobs and have families, and have learned to follow a template that works, without wreaking havoc on their families, employers, and society as do addicts as we know them.  I  do not advocate pro or con on this issue, but I can say that harm reduction saves lives.

drunkIf an alcoholic usually binges for 5 days at a time, and now he binged for only 3 days, is this harm reduction? NO! If a alcoholic who usually binges for 5 days, plans a drinking schedule to restrict his drinking to only 1 day in every 5 days, marks it down on the calendar and adheres to it, THIS is harm reduction. And I would venture to say if this man can successfully maintain, then he can no longer be considered an alcoholic.

It is little publicized that when it comes to heroin, only 23% of those who use itchipper become addicted. If you feel you are a part of the 23% then perhaps you are not a good candidate for practicing harm reduction, because as I said, it requires the non-addict behaviors of  planning and preparation and thought before action. It’s important you know where you lie in the percentiles and be honest with yourself.  The 23% may have no choice but to go the route of absolutely NO heroin. For the other 77%, until you can stop using altogether,  read Over The Influence and The Little Book, and then follow these tips;

  • Never use alone- have some one nearby who can save your life, if necessary
  • Use a low dose- The best way to prevent heroin addiction is to keep your dose low, never increase the dose, and to back off from heroin completely if you find your usual dose is not effective.
  • Choose smoking or snorting over injection- is not quite as instant in effect as smoking or injecting, but it will still take effect very quickly with much lower risk. While all methods of heroin use carry the risk of overdose, it is less likely with smoking because you can stop once you feel high, whereas with injecting, once the drug is in your body, you can’t do anything to reduce the effects or overdose risk
  • Use clean needles- if you must inject, plan ahead and go to the clean needle exchange
  • Never use heroin two days in a row, and never use more to treat heroin withdrawal symptoms.
  • Be an acquirer- never purchase directly for a heroin dealer- get it from a friend who uses, like you. It may be more expensive but it is safer in terms of being arrested.

I do not advocate heroin use- I feel the ultimate harm reduction is not using at all. This is what I suggest to anyone out there fighting addiction and trying to abstain from heroin;

  • Radionics– both Sai Sanjeevin and Paper Doctor have patterns for addiction. You can print these patterns right off the internet for free, and use them.
  • Take the Bach flower remedy called Agrimony– the classic remedy given to addicts.
  • Dowse, or have someone dowse for you, to find the most beneficial homeopathic remedy to assist you in addiction, or seek the advise of a professional homeopath who uses conventional intake and rubrics to prescribe.
  • Find your healing note and color (again by dowsing), or find it through astrologically. After you determine them you can write them down and put the paper in your pocket or in your pillowcase, or with color, try wearing the color or placing flowers of the color in your room.
  • Balance your chakras- this can be done by placing a witness on Ruggerio’s radionic circuit #19 called cosmo-biological reactivation, for rejuvination, vitality and healing.  Or, you can use a pendulum and a chakra dowsing chart.
  • Call your sponsor– use your tools and call your sponsor before you have the slip, not after, genius.
  • Give of yourself– I can’t stress enough how important this is. Focusing on the needs of others is one of the best ways to get off the pity train.pity train


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Homeopathy For Gambling

Generally when we speak of addiction we are talking about drug and alcoholaddiction addiction, but of course there are more addictions out there than you could image…addictions to food, shopping, sex, and gambling, just to name of few.

gambler Gambling is a tough one- it is often not an obvious addiction because it could be easy to hide from many, and may not even take place every day.  It can be a financially devastating addiction with far reaching destruction, as out of control gamblers will resort to anything and everything to get money…draining personal bank accounts, mortgaging the house, selling personal items like jewelery, and let us not forget embezzling, or ye ‘ol ponzi scheme, which might include further screwing friends and family! As with most addictions, the person who has the gambling problem spirals downward in a mast of continuous self destructive behavior which has psychological, physical and social ramifications which affects all those close to him or her.studying1

In researching this piece, I found out that gamblers often have a fear of heights. Gamblers dream of rising to a high place financially, yet suffer from a terrible fear of falling all the way back down. In one case history I read about, a man with a raging gambling habit was being treated by a psychiatric homeopathist. Veratrum album was used successfully, although not until 2 or 3 other remedies had previously failed. In this particular case, finally, one month after taking one single dose of 200c, the man reported hardly thinking about gambling at all. The ‘trying’ of remedies is not a guessing game. A very strict rubrics, as well as experience with many remedies and many years, is used in remedy selection by those classically trained, but finding the best fit on the first try, just does not always happen.

sai6There are no Sai Sanjeevini healing patterns for gamblers, per se, however everyone can benefit from SSC # 1 which covers Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Entities, Fears, Hyperactivity, Indecisiveness,Phobias, Resentment, Schizophrenia, Sleep disorders, Stress, Violence, and # 60 which covers Sathya, (Truth), Dharma(Right Conduct), Shanthi(Peace), Prema(Love), Ahimsa(Non-violence), Forgiveness, Honesty, Gratitude, Humility, Compassion (Karuna), Smile of inner joy,  Auspiciousness.

What else can we do to help those with the gambling addiction? Of course there are many things…

  • Bach flower remedies- dowse for the most beneficial Bach flower remedy to remove the gambling addiction. You can read about the attributes of each flower, and decide which fits the best. I recommend Yellow Canna Lily which is an excellent remedy for breaking the cycle of addiction.
  • Homeopathy- consult a professional or dowse for the remedy yourself using Ruggerio’s list of 151 remedies. There are many remedies that could work, depending on the individual’s particulars.
  • Chakra balancing- Gambler or not, everyone can benefit- across the board- from Chakra balancing. You can have this professionally done, or you can use a Chakra balancing dowsing chart, and dowse to balance your Chakras, or there are radionics charts you can put a subject on, to balance Chakras. The choice is yours.
  • Broadcasting intentions- I use Voicesync software to broadcast my intentions. Insert a photo of the subject (the gambler), then insert a picture of a decagon or other type of amplifier, type in your wish, such as “Remove all gambling cravings from Joe Smith”.” Click to get the rate, and pitch, and begin broadcasting!

When my daughter was out there living on the edge, and I wanted to talk to her, I would ofter broadcast the wish “A. T. phone home” and I always got my call.phone home

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What Was I Thinking?

xenaWhen Xena, our newly adopted dog, started showing overly aggressive protection behavior toward both dogs and humans, I thought it was time to call in a dog whisperer type trainer.

I found a nice sounding man out in my neck of the woods who describes himself (without using the word) as an intuitive, with a special gift to be able to read the dog, observe us, and see what dynamics are causing the behavior, which he was clear on saying can’t be ‘trained’ away- gotta change the trust and respect level and such. Well it all made sense so we set up an appointment.

He reminded me that this is an imbalance of energy. Then I gave myself a kick. What was I thinking? My logical go-to was a dog behavior specialist when all along, I never thought to dowse for a homeopathic remedy, or just select one from the Veterinarian’s Homeopathic guide, which I found recommends Belladona and Nux Vomica both as good picks for a dog’s aggression. I never considered Bach flower remedies which clearly deal with emotional states and work well on dogs as well as people. After all, the energy and character of the plant affects both human and k9 alike. Nor did I try any of the numerous radionics charts I have for balancing, reducing noxious energy, and such.

I did a quick look up on the internet, typed in ‘Bach flower remedy aggressive dog’, and got this wonderful chart to help you decide what to use, and how to use it;

Dog Behavior and the appropriate Bach Flower Remedy:


Name Pet Medication
Aspen Bach flower remedy for vague or unaccountable fearful dog behavior. Appearing agitated for no apparent reason. The dog becomes anxious and you can see no cause.
Beech Use this bach flower remedy if the dog is intolerant toward other animals, people, events and situations; they may dislike people or animals.
Crab Apple Bach flower remedy for obsessive cleanliness, fastidiousness. If a dog is constant licking or nibbling on himself, and may have a distaste for eating, mating or defecating. Great for detoxification.
Heather Bach flower remedy for dogs that are overly concerned with companionship because they are lonely. Dog is excessive barking or whimpering to get attention; plead for attention, whining while you are away
Holly Bach flower remedy for jealous behavior toward other dogs, or a new baby in the home. Angry behavior growling, hissing, barking, snapping, or unprovoked attacks.
Impatiens Bach flower remedy for impatient dog behavior seeming to have boundless energy, for dogs that can’t wait for the walk and always run ahead.
Mimulus Bach flower remedy for fearful dog behavior, afraid of lightening, visits to the vet. May shake or shiver when confronted with the thing that frightens them. Shy and timid dog behavior.
Vervain Bach flower remedy for enthusiastic dog behavior, excitable, hyperactive, full of nervous energy; dogs who jump up on visitors, or race around the park to join in ball games.
Vine Bach flower remedy for authoritative, dominant dog behavior, and overly aggressive behavior.

Dose: small dogs 3 drops; medium dogs 5 drops; large dogs 10 drops: three times daily

Give bach flower remedy 3 times daily directly in the dogs mouth or at a small piece of bread. If not possible, the bach flower remedy may be sprinkled over food or given to the drinking water.
When you recognize recovery, do not stop directly, sneak out the therapy. Degrease the doses and give:

3 days 3×3 drops
3 days 2×3 drops
3 days 1×3 drops

Another method (one which is particularly good for a dog in shock) is to rub the bach flower remedy or rescue remedy on pulse points, such as the throat or behind the ears. In case of emergency you can do this every twenty minutes.

Yet another method is listening to the Bach flower remedy tone, and even a dog can do it- I have all 32 of them on my digital radionics software, for an endless source of healing.


Answering Your Questions

Sometimes I get redundant or lack luster questions and search terms, but here are some that I consider very relevant…

2BSA immunization waiver- I am thrilled to know that some moms out there are not vaccinating their kids. Here is a link to a very informative article on vaccinations, along with the exemption request form… http://thependulist.wordpress.com/2012/05/27/my-biggest-regret-vaccinating/

stwtrastrawberry tincture kills mrsa- This is new to me but not surprising, if true. Here are some of the natural and very effective ways to kill the MRSA virus that I have verified…

little bookheroin 3 day rule- Heroin is serious business. I have to respect those with the honesty to share the ‘discipline’ of being a chipper, not because I in any way agree, but because it is life-saving information that is not taught in any drug treatment programs I know of. The Little Book is controversial yet these chippers supposedly make up the bulk of these users so perhaps we should explore it, if for nothing else than perspective.

marioMario Martinez neropsychologist- a modern hero to me. He teaches the mind body code and dispels the myths of pop psychology. He has a CD collection that everyone can benefit from. Here is a video he has on youtube… www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CxzR5eRsAU


schradionic trends for healing schizophrenia- Now we’re talking. Michael Schofield are you listening? I am guessing any experiments being done are in the closet or at least under the radar. To entertain the notion that schizophrenia can be cured or controlled by a radionics device would mean making a paradigm shift and throwing out conventional psychiatry and pharmacology as we know it, and it would be very bad for business.

cell saltstissue salts for dry eyes- my best advise about tissue salts is to just take the 12 in combination, called Bioplasma. I am sure everyone can benefit from all of the 12, in some way but if you want to be specific, Sodium chloride and Silica are the tissues salts recommended for dry eyes.


pendulum1Bach flowers for heroin withdrawal- I always think of Bach flowers more for mentals, and homeopathy for both mental and physical. For heroin withdrawals,  sip on Aconite water all day, try Nux Vomica, mega doses of vitamin C, Sai Sanjeevini prayer patterns, radionics tones or charts to clear noxious energy, and if you are so lucky to know a dowser/healer, ask them to draw the pain and toxins out of your body, via their pendulum.


Finding A Happy Medium

blogI’ve been a critic of the traditional 12 recovery system in the past, yet no one is more grateful than I, when my daughter is swept up from a potentially dangerous situation, and delivered to to a luxury ocean view room, with meds to make her detox more comfortable, as well as structure and security.                                                                                                     mixedbag

I have come to realize that blending the 12 step approach with a little harm reduction, soft love (as opposed to tough love), astrology, homeopathy, Sai Sanjeevini healing system, radionics, family integration, and acceptance, is an amazing formula for addict support.

pillsWhen it comes to meds- I understand and even support the use of allopathic prescriptions, but when meds are over prescribed and under managed, Houston, we have a problem.

I also complain about the 30 day set up. Who completes recovery in 30 days? Get my point?                                                                                   girl16

My biggest complaint is the ‘kick-out upon relapse’. Girls ending up on street corners with bags of luggage, bulky duffel bags, and usually some plastic laundry basket, calling Mom’s- both in tears. Relapse is more often than not, a part of recovery, yet no contingency is made for it.

A little harm reduction can go a long way. Why not teach less damaging behavior if the addict can’t quite grasp the full sobriety gig?

My gripe is not industry specific- we see ‘profits over people’ from small home businesses to corporations, to governments, we see over medicating take place in the mental hospitals, and patient dumping of the elderly, so please, facilities and recovery support folks,





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