Breaking Free As The Family Scapegoat

peckingAnyone who has observed or studied human beings knows that there is a pecking order to every group, with the pack leader at the top, low man on the totem pole at the bottom, and everyone else fits in between, in some form of hierarchy. A common but little discussed dynamic within any group, is scapegoating. Who was cast in this role, in your family? Whoever it is, he was not picked randomly. Usually the ‘target’ is sensitive, unhappy, or vulnerable, and often was a ‘difficult’ child in the home. Someone who refused to stay silent, might be outspoken, or even a whistle blower. This person might be the youngest child- this person might be a Capricorn.

In biblical history, the scapegoat was an actual goat of which was cast out of the community, with the sins of the community ceremonially placed on the goat’s head. The scapegoat was the negativity sponge, the subject of hate, and the ultimate black sheep.

Although scapegoating is irrational and reflexive, not logical and conscious,where there is a scapegoat, there is most often a narcissist behind the scenes. In families, it is usually the mother or father who is the narcissist. The narcissist owns an incredibly sharp critical eye, and this is what happens when he bullies, verbally abuses, and casts into the role of the black sheep, his scapegoat:

  • Your achievements are belittled, minimized, criticized and rejected.
  • You are attacked and disbelieved if you tell the truth and ‘blow the whistle’ on negative and/or inappropriate family dynamics, or reveal dreaded family secrets.
  • You may be held responsible for family conflicts, and be blamed for the action of others.
  • You feel like the black sheep of the family (no one feels this way for nothing).
  • You may well be the healthiest family member, but are always accused of being sick and bad.
  • You might occupy the role of family outcast, and are treated with disdain or disgust by family, and maybe even by yourself.
  • You find yourself consistently being accused of ‘only caring about yourself’, being thoughtless and selfish, and never ‘measuring up’ to expectations set, which you know couldn’t be further from the truth.
  • You are held responsible for family problems, conflicts or challenges, even if they have nothing to do with you. Other people blame you for their actions. You may end up feeling a lot of shame for being ‘the bad guy’, and/or anger for being blamed for negative family dynamics.

Sadly, when confronted about their behaviors, the perpetrators of scapegoating will probably deny their role, and become even more defensive and critical. They may treat you as if you are weird, inadequate or defective, which is again, not the truth, and in fact it’s more likely a lie that was created to prevent family members from acknowledging their own troubles, thereby avoiding taking responsibility for both their behavior and the need to change. Not only that, husbands or wives of scapegoated people, might unconsciously identify their victim spouses, and are often likely to join in, inadvertently, to the scapegoating behaviors. This is the empirical evidence folks, I did not make this stuff up. If this be your plight in life, keep this in mind;

  • Stop trying to win the favor of abusive and uncaring family members. Anyone who engages in this type of inappropriate behavior has personality problems, especially a parent who did not love their child.
  • Don’t expect abusive family members to apologize or make amends. They will likely blame you more if you attempt to hold them accountable.
  • Assert your right to be treated with respect by the family members who have been bashing you as long as you can remember, by saying something like “The way you just spoke to me now is not acceptable, and I never want to be talked to like that again”, or “I will not respond to your criticism, belittling, accusations, or name calling- I’m hanging up the phone now, and will call you later when you are able to control your negative and destructive dialogue.”
  • Figure out what you might be doing (either consciously or unconsciously) that gives hostile family members the idea that it’s OK to abuse you, and then try to determine how to change any behavior that draws you into the victim role. You may not have started out a victim, but you sure are one now.

Here are some non-conventional things you can do, for one who wants to break the bondage of being the family scapegoat;

  • Broadcast your intention of family unity on a radionics device or chart.
  • Broadcast the Sai Sanjeevini pattern called dharma, to the family members in question. Dharma, put simply, means ‘right conduct’.
  • Dowse and ask the universe to balance the negativity that is unwelcome.
  • Try the Bach flower remedy called Pine, if you find yourself constantly apologizing and feeling guilty. You may have even accepted guilt for events that happened long before your birth – even going back to Adam and Eve.

Awareness leads to change.  Break the cycle!! And be mindful of any family members whose birth order is last, born under the sigh of Capricorn. It is very likely that they are destined to becoming, yes you guessed it, the next  scapegoat.scapegoat

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Natural Protocol For Brodie’s Abscess

toothacheIt has finally come to light what’s been causing  discomfort in my teeth and jaw area, and preventing my 3 piece lower back bridge, from staying on. Over 10 years ago I had root canals in the 2 outside teeth, of the 3 teeth involved, and the center tooth of the 3 had been previously shattered eating a Jolly Rancher, and had a one piece post and tooth set, which was later rejected by my mouth. Then came the 3 piece bridge, but about 2 years ago it loosened came off, and several attempts to keep it well secured and functional, failed, and I also felt a tenderness in my jaw, of which xrays showed nothing. This year, I have actually been walking around with loose bridge work. Finally about 2 weeks ago, the whole assembly, including some screw that had been installed in the root of the rear tooth, came out, followed by a severely infected area, probably from the metal screw ripping out, and I can actually see bubble like abscesses around and on the side of the tooth area, and the tenderness in the jaw is much worse. When I went to my digital radionics tones, to listen to ‘abscess’, I discovered a tone called ‘Brodie’s abscess’, looked it up, and the picture of my condition became clear. I have had an abscess festering in my jaw since the root canal 10 years ago accounting for years of problems keeping bridge work in my mouth, and God knows what other health problems I have. This type of abscess can settle in any boney area of the body, often found in the femur bone, and is very difficult to heal.

Here is the protocol I put together based on, experience, research, and professional advise.

  • Homeopathic Silcea and Hepar Sulf to push out the puss, and Hecla Lava (which is made from the lava of Mt St Helens, and when you think of the action of a volcano, that is exactly what I am trying to achieve).
  • Calendula tincture mixed with a little water used as a mouthwash- hold it in the mouth for a few minutes. It is most extraordinary and can heal GANGRENE!
  • Lauricidin- It’s a natural antibiotic made from coconut milk. I hear it kills everything!
  • Oregano oil- anti bacterial and anti viral- I paint it right on the affected areas, and also take a few drops in juice daily.
  • Enzymes- this is quite important to break through the biofilm and slime, and let the bacteria out. Interfase makes a good one.
  • Radionic tone for Brodie’s abscess- If you have the digital radionics software you can listen to this tone daily, until abscess is completely gone. This could take months, so hunker down.

Having dowsed to determine if there is any rotten tooth matter that would need to be removed, and thankfully receiving a ‘NO’,  I have the confidence to continue my program, and will keep you posted on any changes, good or bad.good or badAnd as always, your comments are invited.


Healing At The Hotel

redI often talk about my red velvet healing pouch, which never leaves my purse. Since we can’t predict when there will be an emergency concerning self or others, I carry a little of everything, in one neat little zipper bag.

As I look through the contents of the bag I realize most of it is Paper Doctor remedies, an entire system of healing comprised of radionic patterns you can touch, or make a remedy water from, activated by using a magnet under the pattern. Touch the dot with your index finger in the center of the pattern for 2 minutes for fast delivery, or place a glass of water on the dot for 10 minutes, and then drink the water. Repeat in 10 minutes if desired effect is not achieved, or you can move on to another pattern. Jimmie and I have taken this method a step further so that we can do instant healings while out and about. We have utilizing a small refrigerator magnet, meant to hold a picture, then reduced the size of the patterns to fit into the magnet device we call Geo Touch, for easy use. Just remove and replace the patterns as needed. There are hundreds of Paper Doctor patterns, but I only carry about 20 with me in my healing pouch, to cover a variety of issues that could come up while out in the world. I carry the pattern called ‘environmental toxicity’ for whenever I see a chem trail, and patterns such as first aid, stimulate your healing (a great way to start any case), physical injury, tired feet, energy boost, and a great pattern called ‘prevent cold and flu’ which I touch every time I see someone sneeze. In the stack of papers in my healing pouch, is the Sai Sanjeevini pattern called ‘poisons-all’. I have used this pattern numerous times for upset stomach, with almost instant relief. I also carry a vial of Sai Sanjeevini swine flu combination remedy which would cover any cold,flu,or fever, a small decagon, 2 healing stones, and a list of the 72 names of God.

Tuesday night we stayed at the Holiday Inn in Burbank, because our apartment was having some construction work done, and we decided to get away for the night. We use Holiday Inns, as they are pet friendly, and Brandi goes where we go. Although she is nicely behaved and was a perfect lady, she was panting and clearly stressed. When we got to our room, she followed me around and would not settle down. I was wishing I had remembered to bring some Aconite which would have surely calmed her. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, what’s in my healing pouch? I thumb through the Paper Doctor patterns and find one called ‘stress’, inserted it into the Geo Touch device, and stuck it under Brandi’s collar. The next time I looked over at Brandi, she was laying stretched out on the floor, quietly napping, Geo touch still under her collar. It took only a matter of moments for Brandi’s character to change dramatically and go from panting and pacing to cool, calm, and collected. A wonderful example of healing with no possible placebo.

Now for Alison, who drank a cherry drink in the morning, and had an upset stomach all day, but because of the construction, packing, and tending to the dog, I didn’t really pay attention. She complained to me again later that day at the hotel, and I immediately thought ‘Sai Sanjeevini poison pattern’ and reached for ye old trusty healing pouch, took my daughter’s water, and charged it with the pattern. “Take a sip of the water” I said, and she did. The stomach ache disappeared post haste. She was surprised, but I wasn’t. She would not have consumed a gyro, clam chowder soup, sauteed shrimps and scallops, and baklava with a stomach ache.

Think we are finished? No, not yet, because Jimmie’s tooth is still bothering him. Not to worry- he has all the homeopathic tones on his laptop, and can listen to Belladona, Silicea, or whatever remedy tone his pendulum chooses for him, right from his room at the Holiday Inn.

You never know where or when the need for healing may arise. It could be family or a stranger, preparedthat needs your help. As you can see, we travel well prepared.


Interesting Health Questions And Answers

Here are some more interesting questions that have been asked of me, which I q1happily research for you;



Can hydrangea be rubbed on the kidneys? Yes indeed it can. There will be some benefit and absorption, but moreover, I would recommend rubbing the tincture on the arches of the feet which correspond to the kidney and bladder, and which will travel up the meridians directly to the needy areas. The therapy I like best for bladder and/or kidney stones is a cocktail of hydrangea root tincture, apple juice, apple cider vinegar, and distilled water. I suggest dowsing for the best method of delivery if you are not sure what is best for you.


cancer1  Is a Cancer man easily offended? Perhaps, but knowing this should make it easier not to do. Cancer men are loyal and protective, caring and adaptable, deep and mysterious. Count your blessings if you have a Cancer man.


Where can I get a copy of the 72 names of God scanning chart? Right here…

72 names


Does digital radionics work? Ah…yes.


alienIs there a homeopathic remedy for fear of aliens? Try  Phosphorus or Arsenicum.  This is not the first time I’ve heard this question.



Can the tetanus vaccine cause narcolepsy? Yes- You are 9 times more sleeplikely to develop narcolepsy if you have received the tetanus vaccine, to be exact. And 13 times more likely if you had the N1H1 swine flu vaccine. When will you all accept that vaccinations are not only worthless, they’re dangerous.

Will Calc phos lower my blood pressure? It is one of many remedies that could lower blood pressure. But it can also work to raise low blood pressure as well. How can it do both? Because homeopathy stimulates your own immune system, solving the root problem and balancing the pressure, be it high or low.

staphysagriaWhat is the origin of Staphysagria? It is made from the seeds of the Delphinium Staphisagria, which has lovely purple-blue flowers, but in its raw form is highly poisonous, historically used to kill vermin.

It was not really a question- more of a search term… ‘bulldog with lockjaw eating bath salts’… I must admit I have no clue about this, but I did hear about a man high on bath salts that actually ate the family dog. EWWWWWW

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Dr. Sahni- Update

dr sIt’s been a while since I reported my status on healing by Dr Sahni. I have been on several 2 week courses of remedies including Colocynth 30c, Rhus Ven 30c, Sulphur 30c, Lachesis 30, Mezerium 30c, Rhus Tox 30, Pulsatilla 30 and Rhododendron 30c, over the past several months, but my case is just not moving. As a part of my original complaints, I expressed concern about my thyroid, and he asked me if I could get some blood work done, to establish my levels. Instead, I made a thyroid dowsing chart, and both my husband and I dowsed independently, to get some basic levels for T3, T4 and TSH, and we both came up with the same results, and forwarded the information to Dr. Sahni. He did not seemed phased by the unconventional means through which I obtained my thyroid levels, and accepted what I sent. I make my report, because this is how we learn. He is probably making his report about me, as well!!

 Dr. Sahni has tirelessly re-evaluated my case very 2 weeks for months now, but my case is not budging. Prior to consulting him, I had taken a long vacation from natural practitioners. Since being introduced to homeopathy in 1999, I have worked with 4 different homeopathic doctors in Pittsburgh alone, and 2 or 3 others, long distance after them, but not one was able to move my case, address my sore feet, incessant itch on back, frozen shoulders, or the host of other complaints I have had. I either abandoned them, or they abandoned me, one saying (after several unsuccessful attempts to heal me) “You don’t need a doctor, you need a psychiatrist.” Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

 I was due to report to Dr Sahni, in mid- November, but let my communique lapse for 6 weeks, instead of the usual 2, and just got back to him last week again expressing disappointment and lack of benefit from any of the remedies so far. I have been called ‘torpid’ in the past, as far as my ability to heal. And even for one (me) who has many successful healings of others under my belt (in more acute situations), incorporating dowsing and remedy potentization, I have not been able to attack my own chronic conditions.

Now it gets interesting. Dr. Sahni has asked me if I have a radionics device, and is instructing me on remedies to make! This is more exciting to me that anything I can image.

 Here is my latest prescription, which I am to make with water or alcohol;

 Flor De Pedra rate: 614099……………4x Potency

 Soham Rheumatism & Arthritis 889 10…….30c

 Soham kidney  rate: 5678……..200c                                                                              Pl use the remedies together for 4 wks and report back to me.

This I will do, Dr. Sahni.





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Balancing The Fringe Life

“Don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done” is a Facebook quote I just read, made by an extremely hardworking animal activist. It was inspiring. Whenever I hear someone saying “I’m fringebored” I could swat them. There is always something to read or learn, or help or do…our ‘works’ become our daily lives, and sleep is the luxury we indulge in after a long day of giving. If you are reading this, I would image you are a ‘fringe’ person in your own way, as am I.

scalesSince our work is never done, it’s best to find a balance between ‘mainstream’ and ‘not’. First, we must, must make plenty of time for ourselves- we must fuel our fire. I’ll be going over personal survival ‘musts’, a little later, but I also first want to moneymention that fringe does not have to mean broke.  Prosperity is a good thing- it allows us to be even more generous, but it is the huge stockpiling of money and resources that I object to. A modest stockpile is okay and necessary. Anything above that is greed and hoarding, as I see it. Our personal prosperity can help both individuals and the masses, depending on how clever and resourceful we are.

studyIt also important to be articulate and well read, especially on fringe issues. Good communication breeds tolerance and understanding and could make the difference in someone elses paradigm shift.

Empowerment through knowledge and self healing,  can be achieved in every way, in this world of internet and global communications. You can learn to perform surgery via a youtube video, research world alternative cancer treatments at the click of a mouse, or chat live with an attorney on line about a legal problem. You can, and must, become your own doctor and lawyer, and learn to partner with professionals rather then ‘hire’ them to think for you. Because we all operate at warp speed in these times, we can actually do all this, and more. And once you embrace metaphysical healing for yourself, family, and pets, you will never go back to your old ways.

These are the things that I have incorporated in my life, that greatly enhance my health and happiness, knowledge and understanding:

  • daily swishing with oil
  • juicing
  • honey and cinnamon twice daily
  • cell salts- dumped into our drinking water
  • vortexed drinking water
  • 5 rites for balance and flexibility
  • dowsing and potentizing for self and others
  • Sai Sanjeevini mega remedy daily
  • Sai Sanjeevini broadcast to world- constant
  • use of radionics charts- as needed
  • facebook animal rights  petition posting and signing, daily
  • blogging- my dissemination (if just one reads, then I affected the world)
  • Rav Laitman Kabbalah Center- read an article or take a lesson


I’d be happy to share in depthjustask1

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A Productive Year Of Healing

The year we call 2013  is coming to it’s end, only to welcome in 2014 for another go of it. As I look back, it was amazing in many ways using dowsing, homeopathy, radionics, Sai Sanjeevini patterns, and more.  These are but a few of our successes;

  • We cured dog Brandi of her urinary infection including blood in urine, incorporating dowsing and potentizing in our methodology.
  • Lost dog mistakenly called Vincent gets aconite to settle her anxiety til mommy comes.
  • Hydrangea root tincture used to break up kidney stone and avert surgery for Jimmie.
  • I dowsed for remedy to cure a reader’s daughter of bed wetting, then guided the reader to potentize Arcenicum, which subsequently cured daughter in just one dose.  Sleepovers galore, for this little girl now.
  • Jimmie’s tooth abscess dispelled by using this combination; oil swishing, salt water swishing, listening to the tone called ‘abscess’ on digital radioncs software device.
  • MRSA protocol designed and suggested to IV drug user friend of daughter who seemed to be having some kind of possible MRSA flare up, and achieved great improvement.
  • Woman at work rescued from crippling asthma attack. All I had on hand was Ignatia 30c which she took and which apparently had a great settling affect on her- paramedics were not called.
  • Young man in coma after being hit by a car was sent a broadcast of Arnica 1m and Sai Sanjeevini prayers aplenty- he woke up the next day and suffered no permanent effects in mind, speech or movement, which I credit largely to many of the Sai Sanjeevini patterns I chose.
  • Another young man in prison who was attacked and stabbed by other inmates, was also sent a broadcast of Arnica 1m and Sai Sanjeevini prayers (including SSC 18 emergencies), and made a rapid recovery, not to mention got a little extra consideration from prison staff.
  • Car a/c balanced and increased using my pendulum, and a trip to the auto repair was avoided.
  • Tree rats were expelled by a digital radioncs tone, and by throwing rags soaked with ammonia up in the trees. They soon vacated our palm trees, never to return.
  • Ants literally turned around in their tracks and left our apartment as they came in when receiving the broadcast of “All ants leave 123 Main St Apt 4″.
  • Mine and Jimmie’s blood pressure both brought down to normal using Sai Sanjeevini prayer patterns. Both had skyrocketed to 150/90 and 148/85, and now flow at a cool 119/73 and 119/71. Amazing.

When my daughter was out there living on the edge, I was able to reach her anyphone home voicesynctime. I simply put out a broadcast to her on my digital radionics device. First upload the picture of the witness (my daughter) and amplifier (decagon), then type in your wish using capital letters, get your rate and pitch, then begin broadcasting. My wish would come true shortly after broadcasting “A.T. phone home”.

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Can’t Sleep?

sleepingThere is nothing worse than tossing and turning in bed at night, unable to fall asleep. Even the best of sleepers have those random nights when they just can’t pass into slumber, but for many people, insomnia is a major issue. Drugs like Ambien, aabcLunesta, Rozerem, and Trazadone are prescribed with great consequence and are just plain no good for those with liver or kidney conditions. And for instance, Lunesta may not be safe if the patient has a history of drug or alcohol abuse, depression, lung disease, or a condition that affects metabolism, so I’m not quite understanding why they are so widely prescribed to addicts.

Here are some of the main reasons why we cannot sleep at night

  • Pain- Physical pain can keep us from relaxing and falling to sleep, and can also awaken us from sleep and keep us up in the middle of the night.
  • Worry- Worry over money or business- need I say more?
  • Worry- Worry over a life situation- again, need I say more?
  • Guilt- Guilt can wear on your soul. That’s what it is supposed to do- it is actually a built-in corrective device responsible for turning around bad behavior and motivating us to become better people. But it keeps you up at night while you’re processing.
  • Past programming- Perhaps somewhere in your past you needed to stay awake at night, perhaps caring for a sick family – a situation that has long since passed. But you still sleep lightly or not much at all- just like when you cared for that sick family member.Mario Martinez talks about this very thing in his Mind Body Code.

There are homeopathic remedies for folks who can not sleep, including single remedies which cover specific situations or conditions, and there are combination formulas you can purchase for sleep without having to go through a rubric, or dowse. Here are some homeopathic, herbal, and metaphysical solutions to sleeplessness, without ever taking a single harmful prescription drug;

  • I use a product called Calms, for those rare nights that I cannot sleep, and it’s ‘lights out’ within 10 minutes. For extreme grief you can use Ignatia- I do, the classic grief remedy, or Aconite for shock that brings about insomnia.You can take your remedy by playing the tone using digital radionics. My husband recently listened to a tone called ‘abscess’  to take down an abscess in his tooth.
  • Camomile tea has been known to relax you before bed. Peter rabbit drank it after a rather harrowing day and apparently he went right to sleep.
  • Melatonin is now often used as a natural remedy for sleep. It was even prescribed to my animals once by a homeopathic vet, for travel.
  • Valerian and Kava are herbs that have long been used for insomnia. You can make a tea or buy capsules.
  • Paper doctor has several patterns for sleep, as does Sai Sanjeevini.
  • A clearing with your pendulum is always a good idea, or using a radionics chart to remove bad energy, or both, can calm the spirit.prayer

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The Addict Loved One- Setting Boundaries

It has taken years to perfect the art of setting boundaries, when it comes to my relationship with my boundariesdaughter, who is a heroin addict in recovery- a young adult of 27 years.

In the cases of chronic relapse, both addict and dedicated family members dust themselves off after each ‘slip’ and try to figure it out, that is, if you are practitioners of kind love (as opposed to tough love), and want a relationship of sorts, as I do with my daughter, then setting boundaries for everyone’s health and safety are one of the keys to success.

What problem areas need boundaries set, how do you set them, and how do you enforce them, you ask? The answers can be found in the following case history I read about on a forum for parents of addicts;



Case history: Here is Jake, a heroin addict, 22 years old, and has been using for 4 years. He lives with his parents, who agree to provide him with basic life necessities, but his addiction drives behavior that is disrupting the lives of the family, and changes must be made.


  • Jake has been lying to his parents about job hunting and NA meeting attendance, and instead has been meeting his dealer and using. Change this by requiring Jake to provide a photo (from cell phone) and business card from each job interview, and also have Jake keep a ‘court card’ where facilitators sign off at the meetings providing verification that Jake attended. Otherwise, he is restricted to house.
  • Jake has been stealing again; he pawned some of Mom’s jewelry, and even forged a check he swiped from her purse. His parents figured out what to change; they now to lock up all jewelry, all credit cards, checks, and cash, and literately anything of value. What is locked up cannot be stolen, and that solves that. Again, coming and going is supervised, and no coming and going without Mom or Dad home.
  • Jake has been using in the bathroom at home. This is totally unacceptable to his parents so they removed the lock on the bathroom door, and from now on Jake is on alert that he has lost his privacy privilege and Mom or Dad can walk in any time…and they frequently do.

Jake may comply, but he may not, and sometimes enough is enough. His parents may find there is too much loss for them, and no benefit to Jake, to continue on with ‘addiction as usual’, and may say “Jake’s gotta go”, yet at the same time neither Mom nor Dad are proponents of tough love or putting their son out on his ass, with no money no shelter no job, and still using. This is one of the most difficult situations because the desirable possibilities are limited, and the streets are not an option- too dangerous, and too hard to recover from. Things aren’t like the 90′s with resources dried up and services cut to the bone. This is when residential facilities seem to be the best choice to jump-start recovery.

Guiding their son toward recovery and healing is what drives Jake’s parents, using harm reduction, kind love, and the setting of boundaries. Jake may also well benefit from homeopathy, Sai Sanjeevini patterns, Bach flower remedies, radionics, or one of many other metaphysical healing modalities, but alas, the parents may be unaware this all exists. Perhaps I will send them a message…send-message-14538496

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Tips For Practicing Harm Reduction

harmSome people have a misconception of what harm reduction really implies- you see, folks who are systematically practicing harm reduction in regards to drugs or alcohol are not necessarily addicts, nor do they always display addict-like behaviors. Practicing harm reduction requires being better disciplined and higher functioning individuals then your every day addict- they often successfully manage their DOC (drug of choice). They usually hold down jobs and have families, and have learned to follow a template that works, without wreaking havoc on their families, employers, and society as do addicts as we know them.  I  do not advocate pro or con on this issue, but I can say that harm reduction saves lives.

drunkIf an alcoholic usually binges for 5 days at a time, and now he binged for only 3 days, is this harm reduction? NO! If a alcoholic who usually binges for 5 days, plans a drinking schedule to restrict his drinking to only 1 day in every 5 days, marks it down on the calendar and adheres to it, THIS is harm reduction. And I would venture to say if this man can successfully maintain, then he can no longer be considered an alcoholic.

It is little publicized that when it comes to heroin, only 23% of those who use itchipper become addicted. If you feel you are a part of the 23% then perhaps you are not a good candidate for practicing harm reduction, because as I said, it requires the non-addict behaviors of  planning and preparation and thought before action. It’s important you know where you lie in the percentiles and be honest with yourself.  The 23% may have no choice but to go the route of absolutely NO heroin. For the other 77%, until you can stop using altogether,  read Over The Influence and The Little Book, and then follow these tips;

  • Never use alone- have some one nearby who can save your life, if necessary
  • Use a low dose- The best way to prevent heroin addiction is to keep your dose low, never increase the dose, and to back off from heroin completely if you find your usual dose is not effective.
  • Choose smoking or snorting over injection- is not quite as instant in effect as smoking or injecting, but it will still take effect very quickly with much lower risk. While all methods of heroin use carry the risk of overdose, it is less likely with smoking because you can stop once you feel high, whereas with injecting, once the drug is in your body, you can’t do anything to reduce the effects or overdose risk
  • Use clean needles- if you must inject, plan ahead and go to the clean needle exchange
  • Never use heroin two days in a row, and never use more to treat heroin withdrawal symptoms.
  • Be an acquirer- never purchase directly for a heroin dealer- get it from a friend who uses, like you. It may be more expensive but it is safer in terms of being arrested.

I do not advocate heroin use- I feel the ultimate harm reduction is not using at all. This is what I suggest to anyone out there fighting addiction and trying to abstain from heroin;

  • Radionics- both Sai Sanjeevin and Paper Doctor have patterns for addiction. You can print these patterns right off the internet for free, and use them.
  • Take the Bach flower remedy called Agrimony- the classic remedy given to addicts.
  • Dowse, or have someone dowse for you, to find the most beneficial homeopathic remedy to assist you in addiction, or seek the advise of a professional homeopath who uses conventional intake and rubrics to prescribe.
  • Find your healing note and color (again by dowsing), or find it through astrologically. After you determine them you can write them down and put the paper in your pocket or in your pillowcase, or with color, try wearing the color or placing flowers of the color in your room.
  • Balance your chakras- this can be done by placing a witness on Ruggerio’s radionic circuit #19 called cosmo-biological reactivation, for rejuvination, vitality and healing.  Or, you can use a pendulum and a chakra dowsing chart.
  • Call your sponsor- use your tools and call your sponsor before you have the slip, not after, genius.
  • Give of yourself- I can’t stress enough how important this is. Focusing on the needs of others is one of the best ways to get off the pity train.pity train


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