Hospice Remedies Ease Passing

Brandi’s time was up last evening, and she passed peacefully at almost 18 years old- old by any canine standards.

She was one of our star subjects for many healings, from calming during travel, to upset stomach, to blood in urine, to doggie old age which included hip dysplasia, exhaustion and rapid eye movement, seizure, tumors. Sorry to say I have read where vaccinations in dogs can cause hip dysplasia which I feel was at the root of Brandi’s decline.

For the last few weeks we have seen weight loss, lack of mobility, and loss of bowel control. I put her on Ledum and Dulcamara, which I dowsed for and they did offer immediate improvement, but really, there is only so much improvement one would hope to see at this advanced stages. I also put her on Hyaluronic acid which I feel also helped. Signs of pain such as tucked tail, licking, clopping and panting, were diminished.

There are a good number of hospice remedies that can be given when death is coming- all for a variety of different reasons.  I was using Carbo veg known as the ‘corpse reviver’ to bring her back after any episode of exhaustion and rapid eye movement, with great success. Also Bryonia is a good remedy for doggie old age.

But this time we chose to let Brandi pass.  The level of pain, lack of ability to walk (and she’s a big girl- Husky/Rottie mix) and loss of bowel control had become too much.  This time, I selected Arcenicum as a pre-death remedy, designed to settle her restlessness and relieve her great thirst, and Aconite for fear of death, and so she could let go. For us, it was relief and grief, and for Brandi it was freedom.

R.I.P. Brandi- so honored to know you.brandi


Madeleine’s Hep C Protocol

I am very worried about an IV drug user in recovery, who had been exposed to Hep C, and is now experiencing symptoms. Folks, you can do your own research, but I do believe I have put together a very complete list of literally anything natural you can do to reduce the symptoms of Hep C . Of course we have the protocol for the dreaded MRSA virus, and we need one for Hep C too, as many IV drug users suffer from hep C, which can turn into cirrhosis, and shut down your liver and leave you on dialysis, or it could be fatal. I have written about it before, but am more than happy to outline it again for you.

First let me caution anyone who is Hep C positive and has athletes foot or other type of fungus (which is common in IV drug users) that oral anti-fungal medicines are not recommended if you have liver problems.  Itraconazole (Sporanox) is not recommended if you have a history of heart failure, and do not use Griseofulvin if you have lupus or are allergic to penicillin. and it goes without saying that the drinking of alcohol is very hard on the liver and should be avoided.

Now let’s get down to what is safe to use, and what really works.  Remember they all work hand and hand together.

The following herbs are on every list I find, to aid in liver cleansing and liver health, with the first on the list being the #1 included in all liver herbal formulas;

milk thistle



St John’s wart





There are many herbal liver combinations or you may use them singly, according to what symptoms you have.  For a more detailed explanation of what each herb does, you can find it in one of my former blogs http://www.thependulist.org/2012/05/14/hep-c-be-gone/

Castor Oil increases circulation, improves lymphatic flow and increases lymphocyte production and activity. A castor oil pack over the liver is effective for reducing inflammation and for relief of pain.

Wild oil of oregano has been very used very successfully for the Norwalk virus, bronchitis, abscesses, infections in general, and also for reducing Hep C symptoms.

The homeopathic combination Viral Plus contains, amongst others, belladona and arcenicum, and is known to reduce the Hep C symptoms, while cleansing the liver. You can find it on the internet.

There is a Sai Sanjeevini pattern for Hepatitis which should be combined with other patterns to be taken live, or broadcasted. Download free at www.saisanjeevini.org

ivI recommend several thousand units of vitamin C every day as well as taking the B series.   Robert F. Cathcart, M.D. Said “Intravenous infusion of vitamin C when administered immediately in sufficient quantity cures the entire hepatitis alphabet, A-E http://www.orthomed.com

I would not be through and complete  if I did not mention TJ108 the Japanese Kampo medicine formula- good luck finding it, or the newest natural cure-all MMS (www.jimhumble.com) which boasts curing hepatitis amongst scads of other conditions…hmmmmm I think I have just the person to try this on, but cannot testify about it’s successes, yet, and note, it is not FDA approved.

And here are many homeopathic choices, copied directly from                       http://.www. hpathy.com, an excellent source of finding remedies and education in general.  You may choose the remedy that best fits your particular circumstances and symptoms, working together with herbs, energy healing  patterns, and vitamins.

Chelidonium – is one of our greatest liver remedies.  It acts on portal system, right side of the abdomen and right lower lung. Acts very well over the cases of Hepatitis C. it covers many of the direct reflex symptoms of the diseased condition of liver. It manifests the congestion inflammation, fullness and enlargement in semi-chronic and acute cases. The keynote of the remedy is tearing, shooting, stitching pains from the liver region traveling to the back below the right shoulder blade. Hot drinks and hot milk relieves.

Brynoia – excellent remedy for inflammation of the liver, the right lobe of the liver is mostly affected and feels like a load in the hypochondrium. Every slightest movement hurts, with burning and stitching pains and nausea.

Podophyllum – remarkable remedy for Hepatitis C. there is congestion and enlargement of the liver with great irritability of the liver, slight rubbing of the liver helps, the discomfort is aggravated by slightest thought or smell of food.

Carduus mar – remedy for Hepatitis C cases where there is feeling of enlarged liver, pressure feeling worse by lying on the left side, left liver is full and engorged and sensitive. Concomitant symptoms here are haemoptysis due to congestion of the liver and lungs.

Ptelea trifoliate – aching in the liver aggravated by lying on the left side, voracious or poor appetite. Develops a repugnance to animal food, rich puddings, of which he is very fond of, butter and fats aggravate his hepatic symptoms.

Lycopodium – has sore pain in the right hypochondrium which is aggravated by touch. Intense flatulence by 4 p.m as if everything that he takes turns in to gas or wind, better by warm drinks.

Phosphorous – remarkable medicine for hepatitis C cases has hyperaemia and enlargement of liver. Craves cold food and drink, ice cream and wine, has bed effects of excessive intake of salt. As soon as the cold water becomes hot in the stomach he vomits. Phosphorous is useful when there is suppuration in the Hepatitis, Hectic fever, night sweats and marked soreness over the liver.

Arsenic – which is acute of phosphorous has burning thirst and drinks bit by bit, but warm water. This burning of arsenic is better by warm application. There is typical; arsenic anxiety and restless.

Nux Vom – has constrictive pains in the region of the liver, the liver is swollen, indurated and sensitive with pressure. Aversion to meat, tobacco and coffee, ale etc, the patient is chilly and irritable.

Myrica Cerifera – it has marked action on the liver with Hepatitis C infection. Distinctive features are pain in the liver, fullness, dull heavy headache, worse in the morning, weakness with ash colored stools, slow pulse and pain under the scapula, jaundice of all degrees. Low potency found to be working better.

Cornus Circinata – has caused liver derangements, with aching eyeballs, disturbed sleep, weakness in the morning, pain in the pit of the stomach, with distended abdomen. Dark foul stools, burning in anus, vesicular eruption on the face.

Select the homeopathic remedy that most fits your symptoms, but do your homework regarding dose and frequency, or you can easily dowse for those answers. Take your vitamin C and B, herbal complex, and Sai Sanjeevini combo daily, as well as a few drops of oregano oil in some juice. Speaking of juice, juicing is an excellent way to detox your liver!! Clearly, there is no shortage of natural things when trying to overcome Hepatitis.

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Hitting Foot Fungus Hard

Alison continues to be safe and doing well, is at the best place possible, and I could ask for no more.

feetNow that things are settled and flowing and ‘steady as she goes’, we can begin to address an issue with her feet that has been plaguing her, but we were always too busy with one life crisis after another, to deal with it effectively over a long treatment, which is surely needed. Years of walking and wearing sweaty shoes have caused what appears to be Athlete’s foot  that not only never seems to clear up regardless of what she does (only natural), but has gotten worse.

pendulumsToday she complained by phone, and I promised to do something.  First I dowsed for the number of the remedy that would most benefit Alison’s feet. I got number 18, Aurum metallicum, at the 30c dose. I then dowsed for how long to transmit the remedy and was shown 30 days solid. Using my rate book, I get 3467 and proceed to prepare a remedy transmitting chart using the name, dose, and rate of the remedy and a photo of my daughter as a witness. Thanks Juanita for the chart. http://dowsethis.com/    She’s on. Note… after reading about Aurum Met I was less than amazed to find it was a huge remedy for athlete’s foot, which obviously, my higher self knew.

I then began a broadcast on my digital radionics software, VoiceSync, using her photo and a decagon for amplification, sending the following wish; HEAL ALISON’S ATHLETE’S FOOT AND ITCH.

sai6Now I make a soothing foot cream, using an ordinary lotion as the base, and charging it with the following Sai Sanjeevini prayer patterns:

combo #1, combo #60, skin formula,leg and foot, body tissues, emergency, worms and parasites (include fungus), and fungal infection all

I also made a bottle of sugar pellets charged with same, of which she is to take 6-10 doses a day (6-10 pellets). In addition, I charged a stack of very small pieces of paper-she can put one in her pocket, one in her pillow, and drop a fresh one into each of her shoes, daily. Lastly I put the sample, and her photo on the Sai Sanjeevini broadcasting chart sending my daughter a constant flow of healing energy.

Other things she can do to help heal her feet;

  • disinfect inside shoes- she can use the baking soda I charged with Sanjeevini anti-fungal patterns, or vinegar and water
  • soak feet in cinnamon and water- cinnamon slows the growth of fungus
  • wear open shoes as much as possible and keep feet dry
  • eat lots of garlic- it has wonderful anti-fungal properties

Maggi from the homeopathic pharmacy in Santa Monica also reminded me that fungus lives on the inside too, and suggested sugar, bread and pasta be curbed as much as possible.  She also suggested chromium for sugar cravings , and vitamin C  to help remove the ‘die off’ of candida. Since I have the rates for both items, I can dowse to see if they will be beneficial, and if so, continue to dowse for transmitting details, and use the remedy transmitter that I have been so successfully using lately. She also showed me this WO oil that she swears by- I picked it up to alternate with the other stuff.

If may seem like an awful lot for just athlete’s foot, but all these modalities work beautifully together and compliment each other, and because the situation has been long term and chronic, and is acute, I am hitting hard.gloves






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Natural Health Tips

It is question and answer time again. You ask the tough questions, and I supply the answers for you;

blk catCan I use aconite on my cat- Yes, you can use it for traveling, thunderstorms, or shock or trauma. I used aconite on kitty O’Shay when traveling by car from Pittsburgh to Baltimore. Also on a wild bird for shock. http://thependulist.wordpress.com/2012/02/24/homeopathy-and-wildlife/

2BSA exemption to immunizations form- here it is- good for you, Mom.http://thependulist.wordpress.com/2012/05/27/my-biggest-regret-vaccinating/

MRSAVitamin c, goldenseal, oregano oil, vitamin b3 topical, for MRSA- By all means, these are some of the many vitamin and supplement therapy for MRSA. Here is my MRSA protocol http://thependulist.wordpress.com/2012/12/14/no-sperm-no-problem/

twins1Is there any chances of getting twins when using cinnamon powder -Obviously there’s a chance. I know of at least one couple who used it and got twins… http://thependulist.wordpress.com/2012/12/14/no-sperm-no-problem/

bed wetBed wetting gays- Hmmmmmm, never heard that connection before. Did a lot of reading and didn’t find any data to support that theory, but did find an interesting thing about serial kills and bed wetting. It seems there is a triad of symptoms that serial killers have, which are bed wetting, animal cruelty, and arson.

cancer1Why is Cancer the sign of the prophet or teacher- for the same reason capricornCapricorn’s are passionate about social injustice- these are how the heavens influence us when born under these signs.


What is the next step when a meniscus won’t heal- sit on your ass for 8-10 months- your meniscus will heal.

January Schofield munchausenah, NO.jani

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