Rebel With A Cause

manIt amazes me that so many so-called ‘advanced’ people can’t grasp the simple idea of homeopathy and think outside the propaganda box. Despite education and sophistication, the typical urbanite doesn’t question what he’s been taught and is not inclined toward independent thought or action. Students of history will tell you that civilization has only advanced because of a handful of rebellious, creative, self actualized people such as Galileo, Newton, Einstein, Tesla, C.V. Raman, Da Vinci, Beethoven, Shakespeare, Vyasa, Premchand, Socrates, Gandhi, and Hahnemann, the father of homeopathy.

Parents, schools, government leaders, religions and now corporations, dictate how people should think and behave. Few children escape this indoctrination and most have had their curiosity,  rebelliousness and creative spirits suppressed long before adulthood. A few people escape and light the way for the rest, but most of us are sheep following the dictation of the ‘good old boys’ (the exclusive club of upper class white males who dominate the financial arena, medicine, law, and politics, and are driven by greed). Hahnemann was one of the most creative and revolutionary spirits who ever lived. His ideas challenged our view of living things, illness, healing and even matter and energy. A lifelong foe of ignorance and suffering, he helped heal people so they could regain health by getting at the root causes- not through the suppression of symptoms or by prescribing highly toxic pharmaceuticals.

Hahnemann opened my eyes and pushed me toward the paradigm shift, and after homeopathy came the decagon, potentizing, dowsing, radionics, and Sai Sanjeevini patterns.  Although I am far from being a Newton or Tesla, I remain ever the rebel- with a cause.rebel2

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Ebola, A Very Serious Matter

The Sai Sanjeevini team sends good wishes and prays for peace, harmony, joy, and perfect health sai6and prosperity for us, and comes through again, with healing cards for the prevention and healing of Ebola fever.

Download the healing cards you will need, easy to find and perfectly organized, at their site,  Make your remedy from the healing cards they provide, and place it on the broadcasting chart in the small circle. Write out your intention on a piece of paper and place it on the corresponding side of the chart in the large circle. Say a small chant or prayer, and it’s on! Your prayer for the Ebola fever might be

May God protect and heal all people in the world from Ebola fever”

You can create your own remedies and prayers for flood victims, injured people, prisoners of war, kidnapped or poverty stricken souls, or for yourself and family members, for all manor of emotional and physical states. I charge up my cold pressed sesame oil with the combinations 1 and 60, the skin, kidney, and high blood pressure combinations, and marital bliss, so that every morning when my husband and I swish (kavala gondoosha) we get the benefit of all the healing prayers. There is no end to creative ways to use the Sai Sanjeevini system of healing. Try charging your daughter’s pony tail holder or chocolate milk with ‘cold and flu’ when she has a runny nose.  Or if your son is suffering from asthma and is somewhat embarrassed by using his inhaler, make the appropriate remedy, charge a piece of paper with the healing prayers, and put the paper in his pocket, for better breathing all day.  The possibilities are endless.endlessUseful Links


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Remedy Transmitter

DECIt is the best feeling ever, to know that within a given 2 hours, I can potentize any remedy I wish, from Arnica to Zincum. All I need is a decagon, salt, a crystal glass, and a black ink pen and white paper. The process is easy- just write out the name and dose of the remedy in caps (i.e. ARNICA 30C) dip in salt water and let dry. Now take the dry paper and place in the center of a decagon, with a crystal glass filled with water on top, wait 2 hours, and voila you now have a glass of Arnica 30c. I have done this dozens of times over several years now, and it is simply second nature to me.

Today I had the opportunity to try out a new chart, called Radionic Remedy Transmitter, which is given free at (go to homeopathy, then bonus, to find chart).  It allows you to transmit a chosen remedy immediately, using the rate, and bypassing the ‘potentizing’ process. The chart has an area on the left to write in the name, dose, and rate of the remedy, which attaches to a circular transmitter, the center in which you place your witness. I have an amazing compilation of all the rates- it is a 48 page book by Sulis Remedy Makers, of every rate imaginable- allopathic rates, rates for amino acids, flowers essences, homeopathy, elements, parasites, radio active fallout, chakras, gems, vitamins, and many many more. So here is how I used the new chart and rate book..

cookI offered to fix Jimmie some lunch prior to going in to work, but he refused, complaining of heartburn and digestion problems, so I dowsed for the number of the remedy that would most help his current indigestion and heartburn. I was shown number 81, and  after checking Ruggerio’s list of 151 homeopathic remedies, found that 81 was Lac deflortum. I didn’t have the remedy on hand, nor the 2 hours needed to potentize- Jimmie leaves for work in less than 2 hours, and I want him to have relief now. So I opt to try our new transmitter chart, and I prepare to transmit by writing in the name and dose of the remedy and the rate which I looked up in the rate book- LAC DEFLORATUM 30C 4247, and put an amber bottle of Jimmie’s spit in the witness area. The whole process, from dowsing to select a remedy, to looking up the rate and preparing the transmission chart, took less than 10 minutes. Ok, Jimmie lays down to rest and I transmit. 5 minutes pass and I ask how he feels. I got the familiar “Well?” which means…”now that you mention it I am much better”.

BTW, I looked up Lac defloratum, a remedy I have never used nor know about, and found it to be commonly used for travel/motion sickness, and for upset stomach from milk allergies. The fact that within 30 minutes of receiving the remedy, Jimmie was devouring home made chocolate chip cookies, speaks for itself. cookies


Double Chloride Of Gold For Addiction

speakingI don’t want to speak too soon, but maybe there is something to this double chloride of gold.  For about 10 days now, I’ve been sending a continual broadcast of it to my daughter- sometimes it is the only way to reach someone who has an erratic life style. Thanks to Greg, one of my readers, for telling us about Dr. Keeley and the 13th cell salt, bi chloride of gold or double chloride of gold…I decided to test the stuff. I have carte blanche permission from my daughter to do any healing, dowsing, or transmitting I deem necessary, and share what I’m doing so she can give me feed back.

Greg also messaged me and said The 5 phos tissue salts will help with the desire for addictive substances, also nat mur for liver”. I took this to mean the 5th cell salt, kali phos. This did not surprise me as a pick for my daughter, who is a 5 (born on the 5th), so I added it to the broadcast. Further, checking Santo Bonacci’s syncranism chart, it shows kali phos and nat mur as the salts she is deficient in. There are no coincidences.

I use digital radionics software, that allows me to upload a photo (of my daughter), type in a wish, such as “Tissue salts of double chloride of gold, kali phos, and nat mur to Alison”, and there is also another area where you can add an amplifier (I use a decagon). Click to get the rate, and your broadcast begins.

You can use digital radionics to broadcast any wish you may have. When Alison was out there living on the edge and I was desperate to hear from her, I would broadcast the message “A.T. phone home”, and I always got my call.phonehme o

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Getting Creative With Sai Sanjeevini Patterns

sai6If you have not met them yet, meet the Sai Sanjeevini team, at, a prayer based, self learning, spiritual healing system. In their words, this is a brief explanation of the system;

“The Sanjeevinis are subtle (spiritual) vibrations of all of Mother Nature’s own healing forces. These vibrations have been “harnessed” through highly focussed prayers on to cards as patterns.

Each Sanjeevini is a focussed prayer to the Lord to heal a particular body part or a disease using His own Healing Energy which of course includes all known and unknown healing forces in Nature (including all systems of medicine and healing).

A very important aspect of the Sanjeevinis is the spirit of surrender – “Thy Will be done” is the yearning with which a healer is best able to use the Sanjeevinis without allowing the ego to interfere.

There are a total of 324 Sanjeevinis  – 60 Body Part Sanjeevinis (common body parts from abdomen to Whole body) and 264 Disease Sanjeevinis (Acidity to Whooping Cough). The diseases range from the simple Cold, Fevers, Injuries to chronic conditions like Asthma, Psoriasis, Cancer, AIDS, Leprosy, Parkinsons Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Osteoporosis etc.

Most other diseases which are not listed can be healed by combining various Body Part Sanjeevinis and Disease Sanjeevinis.”

As equally impressive as the system, are the various ways you can deliver the remedy, once it is made. Traditionally, you may place a glass of water on the prayer pattern, say a short prayer, and in 20 seconds the water is charged with the prayer. You can place your water on several prayers, one at a time, or you can make a sample of the mega remedy you make, by charging an amber bottle of sugar pellets (always label the bottle), and then use the sample to charge water, or whatever you wish.

Here are some creative ways to utilize this amazing and effective total healing system;

You can charge a small piece of paper with a mega remedy made from the patterns, such as ‘sleep’ and pillow‘marital bliss’, and put them in your pillow case, for a continual flow of remedy all night long.



footAnother way to use a piece of paper, say in the case of a sprained ankle, charge the paper with combinations such as ’emergency’, ‘ankle’, and ‘injury’, and wrap the paper against your foot with your ace bandage.    

                         pony tail holders

Charging up a little girl’s hair bow with Sai Sanjeevini healing prayers is a great way to get your kid to take her medicine. She can pretty up her hair, and receive healing prayers, all in one. I actually have sent my daughter to rehab with pony tail holders that were charged with everything from ‘right conduct’ to ‘addiction’. Is her addiction cured? No, but she does report reduced cravings when she is receiving the remedy.

coolerIn my home, since it’s just Jimmie and I now (and we both have some common health needs) we charge our water supply with ‘blood pressure low’ and the ‘kidney’ combination. Sai Sanjeevinis are prophylactic, as well as curative. Just place each bottle directly on the patterns, or make a sample mega combination, which you can use over and over, using a tranfer chart.

If your child has ADD, is schizophrenic, or suffers from other emotional or mental disorders, there is a pattern, or group of patterns, for you. Make your mega remedy sample from sugar pellets labeled and stored in an amber bottle. Using the sample bottle and a transfer chart, charge up their chocolate milk, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, or apples, and let the healing begin. apples chocolatemilk sandwich


Kidney Stones Revisited



It is said that nothing rivals the pain of kidney stones except child birth, and even then, kidney stones may prevail as most painful.

 Jimmie had a 2nd kidney stone attach last week, which was both violent and painful- the first being in April 2012, while still living in Hollywood. Perhaps he never quite dissolved the first stone and it lay dormant until now. We have just moved to Lake Elsinore and went to dinner for a little celebration- sushi and sake…guess we enjoyed the raspberry sake more than we should have. I was fine, but Jimmie came home and immediately became ill, vomiting without pause. The scenario was familiar … sometimes with all the inflammation that goes with these attacks, elimination becomes impossible and throwing up is the only to expel toxins. This situation can be life threatening and Jimmie was becoming delirious and weak- I had to either take him to the hospital where they would do a surgery to open up the blockage, or work some kind of miracle.

Come on Madeleine, this is very serious…think think think. I think Aloe socotrina, (which is what I remembered my pendulum picked back in April 2012, when Jimmie had the first attack), a spot on remedy for this condition. I quickly go to my Sulis rates and find the rate, and set up a remedy transmitter sending Aloe socotrina to Jimmie using a spit sample of his we keep in an amber bottle. Still non stop vomiting for 2 hours, so I thought Aconite (when you think you’re gonna die) and this significantly calmed down the vomiting. Then I remembered Ruggerio’s chart #15, to clear noxious energy. We had made it a habit to start any healing this way, but honestly it has been so long since we have been sick, I almost forgot. So I put a sample of Jimmie on this chart as well. A little progress but not nearly enough. Now I remember to add Berberis  vulgaris to the mix- number one kidney pain remedy. I had a 200c on hand so gave that to Jimmie as well.  This, again, made a difference for the better. Through the night I encouraged him to sip on the juice/water cocktail I made him containing hydrangea root extract and Herb Pharm Stone breaker formula- this stuff will dissolve any kidney stone- it just takes some time. Do not forget Sai Sanjeevini prayer patterns- you can charge up water and use it as a base to the healing cocktail. Throughout the night I applied hands on healing to his kidney area, which for sure removed a few layers of pain. By morning the vomiting had ceased, the pain was reduced, and elimination was back. We managed to avert going to hospital and probably surgery. Jimmie is now at 85% and vows to take the tinctures until he is sure that stone is completely gone.

For prevention you may incorporate daily oil pulling, and daily honey and cinnamon.  Charge your drinking water with the Sai Sanjeevini ‘kidney’ pattern as a prophulactic and you may take the Herb Pharm (or any brand) tinctures once a month, also as a prophylactic – these health practices can help your body to not make the stones in the first place.

But if you have already developed them, then you should move on to;

  • Ruggerio’s chart #15 to remove noxious energy to begin any healing
  • Aconite (homeopathic) for hours of debilitating vomiting.
  • The homeopathic remedies Aloe socotrina and Berberis  vulgaris for kidney stone pain. If you don’t have it handy, you may transmit.
  • Stone Breaker and hydrangea root extract in apple juice (with vinegar) sipping daily while under kidney stone attack. Use a water base charged with Sai Sanjeevini ‘kidney’, ‘digestion’ and ’emergency’.
  • Hands on healing. Placing your hands on the injured party and sending love and healing thoughts can do more than you think. It takes no special talent- only the desire to heal.hands on healing
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The 13th Cell Salt- Gold

keeleyI am looking into ‘double chloride of gold’, or ‘bi chloride of gold’- a tissue salt used in the 1800’s to quell cravings, and apparently many an addict was cured. It was called The Keeley Cure and was brought forth by a man named Keeley, who I learned about recently, on another path entirely. Now the remedy is no where to be found. A very astute reader of mine passed on an article about how the Rockefellers blocked the use of this gold, which in no way surprises me. The Rockefellers were behind the shutting down of homeopathic schools, Black nursing colleges, midwifes, chiropractors, and anyone who practiced natural healing as apposed to the allopathic direction Rockefeller wanted to penetrate the world with- all in the name of profits.

heroinI want to try this tissue salt on my daughter and see if it reduces her cravings, and since the 13th cell salt is no where to be bought, I must ‘realize it’. No problem- I’ve been doing this for years and have the confidence to do it spot on, every time, be it for husband, daughter, dog, or myself.


DECThere is no Sulis rate for double chloride gold. Sulis has thousands of rates for dozens of categories of substances- If you have the rate, you’ve got the exact vibration, but even without the rate, I can potentize the old fashioned way, starting with writing the name and dose of the remedy in black ink, capital letters, on a small square of paper.. BICHLORIDE OF GOLD 6X. Dip the paper in salt water and let dry. Then place it in the center of a decagon with a glass of water on top (the glass must be crystal and flat bottomed- no stemware). Make sure there is good light. I always visualize the water soaking up the remedy, and then wait 2 hours. Your remedy is ready, now add 2 drops of Vodka, and store in an amber bottle- be sure to label.

Once the remedy is made, it can be taken by dropper under the tongue several times a day, added to a glass of water, or you could it transmit to the person in need (using a decagon, remedy transmitter, or radionics box) if there is no way to give a live dose. These things work folks, but remember, it must be my daughter’s will to stop using, least her desires over ride my will to heal.heal


The Vaccination Deception

I worry about those who, with all good intentions, get flu shots and other vaccinations. Lets start with some of the items found in common vaccines;


Ethylene Glycol: Ethylene Glycol is nothing more than the technical name for anti-freeze, the same stuff that you put inside your car engine. I don’t think I have to tell you what would happen if you ingest antifreeze.

Thimerosal: This is a mercury derived disinfectant and preservative which is used in a majority of the vaccinations and can result in brain injury over a long period of time leading into Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s Disease, lack of memory, sluggish brain performance and also is known to induce auto-immune diseases such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, ALS as well as altering and depleting the immune system from working efficiently.

Phenol: Phenol is most commonly used as a disinfectant, also used as a dye, is listened as a carcinogenic agent (cancer-causing) agent and is also known as carbolic acid.

Neomycin and Streptomycin: These compounds are used as antibiotics which have side effects to include severe allergic reactions in some people. It always puzzled me why they are putting two different forms of antibiotics in a viral vaccine.

Aluminum: Aluminum accumulates in the skin, bones, brain and kidneys and can cause Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Aluminum has also caused cancer in laboratory mice. It is commonly used as an additive in most vaccinations.

Formaldehyde: Formaldehyde is used as a preservative. It is also classified as a carcinogenic (cancer-causing agent) and causes the body fluids to become acidic in nature. Formaldehyde will start to preserve your tissues within the body.                                                                                                       no vaccination

Are you sick about this yet?

Having gotten that out of the way, let me add that flu shots weaken your immune system too, and here’s an interesting fact- 60% of all doctors refuse to get flu shots.

You can read story after story on the internet, but here is one that fascinates me- I am not sure if it is true, but I have no reason to think it is not…

“The government requires us to get various vaccinations either before entering primary school, employment, or as a first-time citizen. These vaccinations purport to protect citizens from a variety of maladies, from Polio to Rubella. While the medical viability of these vaccinations may not be an issue, the ethical usage of these vaccinations are. In other words, although the government may require all citizens to obtain vaccinations for medical reasons, there may be other purposes the government may have, particularly for tracking and experimental weapon purposes. With respect to the tracking issue, the government places minuscule tracking devices in these vaccinations. These tracking devices act as beacons for various satellites. In this way, similar to the technology found in controlling airplane traffic, the government knows where we are at all times. Indeed, it is unclear how much information is provided in these beacon devices. These beacons may, for example, provide rudimentary data, such as age, heart rate, blood pressure, or speed. They may also provide more detailed information, such as what we are saying at any given time. As new technology has developed over the years, the need to vaccinate each and every one of us has become more creative, particularly with older citizens. Enter the Flu Vaccination. The flu vaccination has provided a perfect pathway for the government to implant updated beacon devices, particularly for those individuals who receive vaccinations forty or more years ago, whose beacons may not have had the benefit of various technological advances. These vaccinations are also used for experimental weapon purposes as well. The government not only implants various forms of biological and chemical warfare within the citizenry for experimental purposes, but also for mind control techniques, such as implanting specific types of criminal or anti-social behavior — also for warfare experimental purposes. Can this be why my daughter is who she is?

In conclusion, the vaccination process has provided the government with a convenient way not only to plant beacon devices within the entire citizenry, but also to test experimental warfare and mind-control techniques.”


Chem Trail Madness

chemWe have known for decades that heavy metals and chemicals can cause grave physical harm. We took the lead out of gasoline, accordingly, the lead proving far more harmful than originally expected. But the devastating effects on society due to leaded gasoline from crime to health, is entirely another story- today we are talking about the metals spewed in to the air via jet engines. It is a well know conspiracy theory that claims the government is conducting top-secret chemical testing in our skies. Why? It is speculated anything from:

  • mind control, to
  • weather control, to
  • dumping untold tons of sulfate chemicals into the atmosphere for the purported purpose of fighting global warming (a Bill Gates backed project), and
  • poisoning the public (which is happening inadvertently regardless of the motive)...take your pick.

I, personally, think it is any one of the the above, or all. But the spraying of our skies with sulfate particles will destroy the planet far faster than ‘global warming’ ever will. These particles are toxic and hazardous to both respiratory health in humans and animals, as well as to water, soil, and other delicate environmental resources.

touchThankfully, we have paper doctor patterns by Don Gerrard, which we discovered a few years ago. This is a complete system of healing, with a pattern for every disease or condition you can think of from panic attacks, to headaches, to stress, to sports injuries. I also am lucky to have the Paper Doctor PDF of his complete book listing all the patterns, how to select a pattern, and all the ins and outs of using the system. It is very expensive to buy, that is, if you can find it.

Here is how it works…Every geometric pattern is derived from a natural substance with a well documented healing property and represents the energy signature of the remedy. Driven by a magnet placed beneath the pattern, simply choose the correct pattern and touch for 2 minutes. A great way to start any case is with the paper doctor pattern called ‘stimulate your healing’. But in the case of chem trails, we use the pattern called ‘environmental toxicity’, and I actually carry  a reduced size pattern and mini magnet in my healing pouch, with me everywhere. You can read more about that… and

You might be at an outdoor cafe, dog walking, in the park, or at a farmer’s market and look up and see chem trails. You know that poison has just rained on you, so you reach for your mini pattern and start touching. Don’t feel like an odd ball- no one ever notices- they don’t recognize it therefore they don’t see it!blind








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Too Extreme?

moderationI like to think of myself as a person of moderation, but then that may not be entirely true, as there are 2 of me (and of all of us)- the person I want others to see, and the real me. Johari windows, created to help people understand more about themselves and others, gave me a little truth and a clearer perspective about myself.  I preach moderation, but maybe I am more of an extremist than I thought.

That’s not me, but it’s someone extreme!

            Lets see;

• I’d like to revamp the entire medical system including stripping the AMA’s power, and incorporating all of the healing arts into mainstream medicine on a ‘donations only’ basis.

• I’d also like to revamp the schools to teach kindness, dowsing, and astrology, amongst many other things

• I  most certainly would like to divide up the wealth of the 2% and pass it out to the other 98

• And, I’d like to see the world running on love instead of greed

“The extremist makes us feel uncomfortable because he makes hypocrites of us all- if we all acted on what we believed in, we’d all be extremists…”                                           Yanki Tauber

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