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One of my readers messaged me and asked how many days of swishing would it take to cure diabetes. Days?

If you don’t already know, swishing, or oil pulling is the ancient practice called Kavala Gandoosha, used in India to maintain good health for over 5,000 years. This practice is claimed to cure about 30 systemic diseases ranging from migraine headache to diabetes and asthma, along with preventing tooth decay, oral malodor, bleeding gums, dryness of throat, cracked lips, and for strengthening teeth, gums and the jaw, while whitening the teeth. It is a form of ‘complimentary’ medicine, and a powerfully detoxifying technique. Constipated? I challenge any of you to vigorously swish cold pressed sesame oil for 20 minutes, and then not go to the bathroom! Even my dentist does oil pulling every day, as a part of his morning routine. But don’t expect immediate result folks. Your teeth did not get yellow and loose overnight, nor do you just suddenly wake up one day with diabetes. It could take months…it is not a quick fix.

Likewise with juicing, honey and cinnamon, and even exercise, it takes time for the body to change, and like a flower that is going from bud to bloom, you may not be able to measure the progress moment to moment, or on a daily basis. For you that want a quick fix- there isn’t one!

The discipline of good daily health practices takes commitment. I cannot brag that I am consistent with ‘best health practices’ but I certainly know what they are, and am happy to give you a few tips about each;

oilp2oil pulling Swish fora  good 20 minutes on an empty stomach and use cold pressed sesame oil.

juicing juicing Drink your pressed juice before it separates, for maximum nutritional benefit.



honeyhoney and cinnamon Take it straight up, or make a tea. Cure stomach ulcers from the root and a host of other benefits.





5 rites5 rites At any age, these exercises only take about 15 minutes, and help maintain strength, balance, and flexibility.






daily walk Connect with your neighborhood and get some cardio. Bring your dog along.



prayeracknowledging and thanking the powers that be If the sun does not rise tomorrow, we are all dead. Take the time to thank the life force, God, for each day and each blessing.


                                                                             random acts of kindness You can never do too much of this, folks…kind4 kind2 kind3 kind1kiind1  kind14

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The Empirical Evidence Of Our Hands

How do we know that Capricorns are slow and methodical, or that red is a good color to wear in winter to prevent colds? Empirical evidence…knowledge acquired by means of observation or experimentation.

empiricalcycleLong ago when when the earth was only sparsely populated with no television, people observed and recorded, observed and recorded, and we still do this as a primary means of gathering information today.

In identifying your hand type, again, we have empirical evidence that describes who we are, by the characteristics of our hand, meaning shape of hand, nails, fingers, amount of hair, condition of skin, etc. It is easy to verify and validate hand reading, just by looking at the 7 hand types and matching up your shape and personal attributes to what you see. You will be surprised at the accuracy of this system.

The hands can be categorized in 5 elemental hand shapes. They are air, fire, water, earth and ether hands, and I am leaving this for another article. There are also 7 basic hand types in palmistry, which is what I will be talking about today.

Since I like to get right to the point, here are the 7 hand types, and a little about the person attached to each hand.

ahandAnimal hand- hairy and unattractive, looking much like it belonged to a jungle animal. These people are easy to anger and usually have a low IQ.

square handSquare or working hand- the hand is actually a square shape, usually a little small in relation to the body. They are practical, disciplined people, loyal and consistent.

handpPhilosophical hands- long thin bony fingers, with delicate skin. God, the world, the fate of the human race, and life and death are your center of thoughts. Deep thinkers- could be a saint, could be a beggar.

handplPlane hand- these people have plane fingers who’s tips spread. This hand belongs to a strong body and the palm is wide near fingers. Active, clever, brave. Mostly found in Western countries.

hndsSkillful hand- hand is wide from the wrist, and thin near the fingers. The fingers are pointed like pencils. This hand basically belongs to the artists and skillful personalities. They people do not plan and are not consistent.

handfFemale hand- They have delicate, thin, flower like hands, with beautiful skin, and small and elastic fingers, with the palms having thin pretty lines, and brings the female characteristics into that person. They are emotional and sensitive. May be suicidal, or dabble in black magic.

Mixed hand- a mix of the different hand types and characteristics accordingly. These folks are friendly, flexible, versatile.

Which one are you?

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Q & A

q and aSome new and interesting questions- and answers!

Does Thuja damage sperm? No. It is made from an evergreen tree, but in such infinitesimal amounts, it is not even measurable.

Dentist swishing fluoride- I would never take fluoride in my water or toothpaste, much less directly in my mouth. If your dentist swishes fluoride himself, he’s a fool. If he tells you to do it, he’s also a fool. Fluoride can cause teeth to discolor and crumble and enhances your brain’s absorption of aluminum (a huge factor in Alzheimer’s) , is at the root of many hip fractures, and excessive fluoride has been shown to damage the musculoskeletal and nervous systems, leading to limited joint mobility, ligament calcification, muscular degeneration and neurological deficits. Finally, saving the worst for last, a number of different studies have linked fluoride to as many as 10,000 cancer deaths per year, with a high incidence of bone cancer among men exposed to fluoridated water. Need I say more?

Will Sepia work for “gay men”? If they are asking will it remove homosexual feelings, the answer is, “maybe”, or it might lessen them. Sepia may have that affect on one gay man, but not another. There are other factors to consider when using a rubric, but dowsing will more specifically choose the remedy. I would like to venture a guess that if a gay man wants to change his sexual orientation, homeopathy would be a good place to start.

Which homeopathic remedy will cure gangrene- I have heard of many ‘miracle’ cures where patients close to amputation were able to avoid surgery at the last minute. Dr George Vithoulkas has a great one on his website , and I have also blogged about it,

 Here are some great homeopathic picks I found:

Arsenicum– Dry gangrene in old people, soreness and burning relieved by warmth, restlessness. It is often indicated in gangrene of the lungs. Secale is aggravated by warmth, thus differing from Arsenicum. Arsenicum has a foetid diarrhea, great weakness, emaciation, and coldness and heat alternately. Lachesis. Traumatic gangrene.  This remedy is highly recommended in gangrene following wounds-  it is eminently curative of gangrenous affections. Crotalus has hot, bluish, moist gangrene, the limb being covered with black blisters and much swollen, emitting a foul odor.

Secale– Corresponds to senile gangrene with tingling and formication. Dry gangrene of toes; a number of cases of cure of this condition by Secale are on record. The skin in wrinkled and dry, shrivelled and cold, no sensibility, black and free from foetor. Large ecchymoses and blood blisters, which become gangrenous, will indicate the remedy.

Carbo vegetabilis– Carbuncles and boils, becoming gangrenous. There is no restlessness, as in Arsenicum, but the parts have a livid purple look, and they are icy cold. It also suits moist gangrenous in cachectic persons whose vitality is weak. The secretions are foul and there is great prostration. Arnica may be useful in gangrene following contusions.

What were the Fujiwara Dam water experiments?– I refer you to my article called Crystals Tell Their Stories , which you can find at
In a nutshell, Dr. Emoto from Japan, taped paper strips on bottles of tap water and then photographed the frozen water. He found that words such as “Thank you,” and “I love you,” caused the tap water to form beautiful crystals. Words such as “You make me sick,” or “You are a fool,” caused ugly, distorted crystals or no crystals at all. Dr. Emoto then found that we can cause tap water to form beautiful frozen water crystals simply by praying for the water, by sending it loving thoughts, and by blessing it. He later photographed various crytals from Fujiwara Dam before and after being blessed. I bet you can tell which crystal came from the water that had been blessed!emoto

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Your Questions, My Answers

Finding the answers to your search term questions, keeps me on my ‘A’ game.  Here is some great information about every manor of thing under the sun…

pendulum1 How to use a homeopathy list when dowsing– You can use any remedy list you like, provided the remedies are numbered. I use Ruggerio’s list of 151 remedies. You also need a numerical dowsing chart (Ruggerio has one too) so that your pendulum can select the correct number of the remedy. After asking, and determining that you may dowse, ask your question.  If you are trying to help your husband’s acid reflux after an evening out eating and drinking, you may say “Show me the number of the remedy that will most benefit Joe’s acid reflux.” Allow your pendulum to search.  When it has settled upon a number, verify with another question- “Is that remedy #100?” If yes, I proceed to look up the remedy from the list, but if not,  question until you are satisfied that you have the correct number. Ok so you have asked your pendulum to show you the number- it showed you #100 and you confirmed #100.  Now check the remedy list. #100 is Nux Vomica.  Read about the remedy and see how well your pendulum did.  Off the bat, I would say that Nux is an excellent pick for a bloated stomach after a big meal!

What are the planetary  day characteristics?  Here they are…

Planetary Ruler Attributes
Monday Moon Feminine, changes, emotions, secrets, dealing with women.
Tuesday Mars Enthusiasm, energy, passion, protection, competition, anything requiring aggression or determination.
Wednesday Mercury Law, education, travel, thinking, communications, dealing with siblings, medical.
Thursday Jupiter Increase (be careful what you ask for, you will get it in LARGE measure!) good luck, gambling, speculation, merciful, long distance travel.
Friday Venus Love, luxury, beauty, decorating, shopping for romantic or creative things, pleasure.
Saturday Saturn Long term stuff, career, institutions (such as prisons, hospitals marriage), investments, lords of Karma, good day for a reversal spell.
Sunday Sun Wishes, success, happiness, all-purpose, no secretive work on Sunday.



Cancerian man shrewd– In terms of the Cancer male, he is softhearted (under that tough shell) and loyal.  Making people feel good about themselves is one of the Cancer’s greatest gifts, but on the flip side, the contradictory nature of Cancer gives their temperament wild mood swings and possible temper tantrums. They are easily offended and will sulk when they get hurt, yet they have a deep psyche and intuitive mind- and they can be extremely unpredictable. Cancer is also shrewd and cautious and I know my Cancer man is one of many mysteries.


Is keeping secrets unhealthy– It is for teens, and if it is for teens, then it just is. New research says that teens who keep secrets from friends and family members are more depressed, more lonely, have more headaches and are less confident than teens who don’t keep secrets. Teens who keep their lips zipped are also more likely to be involved in rule-breaking behaviors and have poor relationships with others. We now know that sharing secrets is an important skill in creating and maintaining close personal relationships.

decWhere do I put the witness when broadcasting a remedy in radiesthesia-  I am presuming you are trying to send a remedy to someone, using an amplifying chart or a decagon. I usually put the sample on top of the remedy, and put it in the center of the decagon, or you could use Ruggero’s radiesthesic radionic circuit #5, amplifier. Either way it is best to dowse to select the remedy, dose, amount of time to broadcast, and the best time of day to do so.  This will greatly improve your success.

Agrimony 163

Bach flower essences for sobriety– Agrimony has long been known as the chestnut budBach flower remedy for the addict.  Here is a description of the Agrimony patient; Put on a cheerful face to hide problems; if you have mental worry or torture; attempt to forget mental torture through drugs and alcohol. Anxiety and mental torment hidden behind a cheerful face. Superficially carefree, concealing deep mental torture. Jovial, make light of own troubles. Uncomplaining. Seeks stimulation to escape problems. Restless. Worries about future. Over-sensitive to others because of their excessive desire for peace. I also like Chestnut Bud selected by my pendulum for my daughter, which looks like: Fail to learn from experience, repeating the same mistakes; are impatient to move ahead. Repeats the same mistakes again and again. Slow to learn life’s lessons. Lack of the observation of life. Failure to improve on previous experiences.

scohJani and Bodhi Schofield– Still, these are the 2 most popular subjects that my readers ask about.  How are Jani and Bodhi? Is Bodhi schizophrenic? I haven’t heard any updates to that effect. Here is an older family portrait.  As far as I know, the parents are still together raising their well known special needs kids.

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Adopting From The Shelter

Nothing is more fun than bringing home a new dog- especially one rescued from the shelter. We xenafelt the time was right to add one more to our pack, so we took the plunge, and found Xena.

Sadly, the shelters are clueless about homeopathy, Sai Sanjeevini, paper doctor, or really any natural remedies to help dogs both physically or emotionally- especially traumatized shelter dogs. They are all about bark collars and vaccinations and such. I found 2 very receptive and eager-to-learn kennel techs, who were fascinated by some of our healing stories and perhaps will pave the way for trying Rescue Remedy and Aconite on traumatized dogs.

Let me pass on a few tips for making your adoption successful. All of these tips can be used at shelters and animal rescue facilities alike;

  • Trust first, obedience second. Getting your dog to trust you and come to you is often difficult at first. Carry training treats on you, and reward your pup each time he comes. Within a short period of time the dog will come to you even when you don’t call! After trust is established, and the dog is acclimated, you may begin basic obedience training- a must for all good people/doggie relationships.
  • Frequent pottie trips- Take pup outside to the bathroom every 2 hours, regardless if the dog is pottie trained. You may taper down as the dog shows to be reliable and settling in to the household routines.
  • Establish a bed or den- Every dog likes to have his own spot. Dogs like a small, tight, den-like area, and a corner wall will work.
  • Daily walk- The walk is such a cure all. It reduces chewing, barking, and anxiety, and makes your dog more relaxed throughout the day, and is a pack bonding experience.
  • Play with your dog before starting a training session. Throw the ball or frizby about 30 times!! I have had several high energy dogs, and it was once recommended to me that we tire Libby out before attending obedience class, and she will behave calmer and be more attentive. It was very good advise.
  • As mentioned earlier, both Rescue Remedy (Bach flower) and Aconite (homeopathic) can turn a frightened animal into a calm one. Every shelter worker should carry some on them, especially for transporting strays and such.
  • Sai Sanjeevini healing cards- this amazing complete healing system addresses animal conditions such as beak and feather disease, mange, fleas and ticks, not to mention every emotional condition a dog could have. Charge up their water, and let the healing begin. Good for at home or the shelters, alike.

sick dogDoggie sick, and you don’t know what do give him?  Trust your higher self and dowse for the remedy that will most benefit your pet. Then read to see if your dog’s symptoms match up to the remedy.  You might be very surprised.surprised

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When you want to know what works…

These are some answers to the many questions and search phrases I get everyday….

tinctureKidney stone tincture- here is the recipe for the best one I know. Take a glass fill it with half water and half apple juice. Add about 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar, and 14 drops each hydrangea root tincture, and Stone Breaker, which is Chanca Piedra compound and also includes hydrangea root. Sip all day.

birth controlThuja “birth control”- I don’t think so. If anyone has learned something to support Thuja preventing pregnancy , please let us know.

pen2Can crystal dowsing improve blood pressure?  The act of dowsing in and of itself does not improve blood pressure, however you may dowse to balance your blood pressure- also to get a reading on weather it’s too high or too low.  For blood pressure, I use Sai Sanjeevini prayer patterns to keep it in check.  There is a combination called ‘blood pressure high’ which I incorporate in my mega combo taken twice daily (I usually charge my morning coffee as well as my water to go, and I’m good for the day).

fujjiFujiwara Dam picture of water- for those of you who do not know, Dr. Emoto used a high power lens to photograph  various frozen water crystals from Fujiwara Dam, marking some of the frozen water with words like ‘love’, producing beautiful crystals, and others with words like ‘mass murderer’ producing equally hideous images.

weekend warriorWho are the people described in the research as heroin  “chippers”?  They are what are considered to be ‘weekend warriors’, in other words, they regulate their use, contrary to popular belief, and follow strict formulas and protocols in order to keep safe and alive, employed, and out of jail.

flu shotFlu shots side effects- do you not listen to me? Per the CDC, one in 10,000 that get the vaccine risk being hospitalized or dying and that doesn’t even cover the lesser chronic side effects like, say, narcolepsy.. There is a reason why over 60% of doctors refuse to get one.

jniJani Schofield brother Bodhi- people ask about these kids more than any other topic or subject. Here is the latest of what I know; Bodhi is autistic, and apparently does not have the verbal skills Jani had at his age and statistically having a sibling with schizophrenia dramatically increases Bodhi’s chances of having it as well. Jani’s mom reports that Jani is on 325 mg of Clozaril, 900 mg of Lithium and 75 mg of Thorazine daily. Someone asked why the parents don’t ‘do her hair’.  Are you kidding me? I don’t know Jani personally, but I would venture to guess she doesn’t like sitting still and having the tangles combed out, and anyhow, she looks great with her wild blond curls which  most appropriately fit the little girl.

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Madeleine’s Protocol For Sore Feet

sore feetSore feet- I’ve been dealing with them for years.  I’m just now understanding (you would think I would have gotten it years ago, but it didn’t register) that I must address the body part that the foot is telling me needs attention, such as arch pain indicating kidney, and the top of the foot indicating lymph system.

Holistic reflexology will tell you

  • The heel is about belonging, your place in the group, your culture, traditions and childhood
  • Lower arch is about how you relate to the other, one to one relationships, physical security and money
  • Upper arch is about your relationship to yourself and your boundaries
  • The heart on the large joint is about joy and happiness and gratitude and forgiveness
  • The throat is about speaking up, living in the past or projecting to the future, the ability to create your own reality and responsibilities
  • Middle of the big toe is related to seeing with another perspective and allowing
  • Top of the hallux and toes is related to ego and unity

Others might say, in a broad manor, that the feet is where we store anger.

And it’s all true. And if it’s true for the feet, that must mean that my frozen shoulders might have an underlying cause- an Iridologist I am scheduled to see, told me briefly on the phone, that my frozen shoulders, if started from right to left, which they did, indicates gall bladder and spleen. So now I have to rethink this whole thing.  I t will be interesting to see if this new practitioner I am going to, will give me a different approach.  The things I am doing now are analgesic and somewhat restorative, but I want to do better than that.

Here’s how I keep it together, without pills, shots, or surgeries;

Paper Doctor sore feet pattern– place the pattern on a magnet, and touch with your index finger for 2 minutes.  Your feet will feel better.

Reflexology– a great massage for the feet, and it actually is a healing treatment for all the corresponding organs or systems.

Yoga toes– you can buy them over the internet- they are a gel contraption fits on your toes which you wear (sitting or laying) for an hour. It is almost like traction for your toes and foot and stripes almost all of the pain out of the foot

Orthotics– I could not even consider putting on shoes without them.  I have them for tennis shoes and dress shoes, and if the shoe won’t accommodate it, I just don’t buy the shoe.

Arnica– the classic homeopathic remedy for injury/pain, is a stand by for after a walk. It reduces inflammation and trauma, soothes sore muscles, and heal wounds.

Sai Sanjeevini cream– I take my lotions and coconut oil and charge them with combos #1 and #60 (that’s the base to any remedy) also, the pattern called ‘feet’, and the ‘emergency’ combo, which is combo #19. I apply the creams at night or anytime I take my shoes off. The pain is immediately neutralized, although this is analgesic, and not a cure.

Chiropractics– if your chiropractor does not work on feet she (or he) is not worth their salt. My chiropractor not only works on my shoulders, knees, back, and TMJ, she adjusts my feet as well. Chiropractic work not only triggers the release of endorphins it takes pressure off nerves.

I am about to ad Iridology to the mix, to address some of the underlying causes, and will keep you posted as to what transpires!

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The Natural Rhythm Of Recovery

You just know it when you see it. Consistency, accountability, healthy routines. They are the roots of recovery, and after witnessing chronic relapsing for over 8 years, I think I know when my daughter is finally the game changer, not the game player.

For those of you who think your addict loved one does not deserve another chance- think again. We never know when, which time, or in what environment the light bulb will go off and the addict suddenly transforms thoughts, actions, and attitude.

I love to see my daughter living a holistic life and making daily decisions of higher consciousness. This is a little hard to do as an addict, but seems to come quite naturally when you take the heroin out of the mix.

As an eclectic, she benefits from an array of modalities, activities, and practices in her life. I can’t tell you how much of each contributes to her success- only that in combination things are certainly working;

Daily oil pulling- Our whole family does this ancient Indian practice, which constitutes swishing cold pressed sesame oil every morning. The health benefits are numerous, not to mention cleaner straighter teeth and smaller gum pockets.

Fruit and vegetable juicing- barely a day goes by that we are not cutting and pressing a mix of celery, ginger, lemon, grapes, apples, carrots, and whatever berries we might have. Pure nutrients, immediate energy, and gives your digestion a rest.

Walk- now that we have 2 dogs, someone always needs a walk. She takes Xena for a face-paced longer walk, and Brandi for a short slow stroll.

Sai Sanjeevini prayer patterns- I broadcast a mega remedy daily, which includes everything from addiction to cancer prevention, to right conduct.

Sage Smudging- this is an American Native practice my daughter has adopted which involves purifying the home and thanking the universe and the inhabitants of the universe, and expressing gratitude while balancing the energy.

12 step meetings- Regardless of your recovery approach, everyone can benefit from meetings which can provide inspiration, support, and friendship. I don’t suggest relying on meetings exclusively-  they are a piece of the recovery puzzle.

Employment- going back to work after being in treatment on and off, can be a difficult transition to make. Keeping the flow, being on time, and earning, are now becoming part of the natural rhythm of recovery.



Rhus Tox For TMJ

It’s a God-send having a homeopathic dentist, who believes in oil pulling and removing mercury fillings, dangerous relics of the past (and as dangerous to remove as they are in our mouths, or maybe even more so).holistic dentistry

Metals like mercury, aluminum, and lead all can be both toxic and lethal, depending on amount and exposure, leading to things like dementia, ALS, and violent behavior (remember what the fumes from leaded gas did, and why lead was subsequently removed from gasoline).

So, you guessed it, I’m having a mercury filling removed…the dentist needs to utilize the tooth involved for a bridge he is installing in my mouth, as I am trying to restore and balance my mouth function.  I have TMJ which became worse with this unfinished bridge work needed, plus bad nerves cause teeth grinding during sleep.  My dentist told me about some mouth gear to relax my mouth at night- curb the grinding, but I prefer to get to the heart of the matter for an more effective cure, if possible.

Sometimes I just don’t take enough time for myself. I’ve got a remedy for this one, and a remedy for that one, but always seem to neglect myself.  That’s what I told Dr. Yokoyama, to justify not ordering the mouth gear, and proceeded to share with him my previous success with a homeopathic remedy which I had become side-tracked using. I do use chiropractics for all my aliments- head, shoulders, knees and toes.  My chiropractor is a gem and works on everything including my TMJ twice monthly, which keeps me aligned and is analgesic, but we have yet to make a permanent  correction.  Chiropractics, weather I be sick or well, will always be in my mix.

Talking to my dentist reminded me to get back to the homeopathic remedy that worked for me in the past, so I asked my husband to look into what he had given me a few months ago for my TMJ. He did so, and we found it was Rhus tox. Today I took 3 doses of 1m, a little higher dose than I would normally take for something chronic and acute, but it’s what I had on hand, so took it.  I have had a quick and dramatic positive benefit from the Rhus tox, and although my TMJ is not by any means total gone, today it is significantly better. Not one pop or crunch for several hours now… an outstanding improvement from the annoying constant jaw pop that chronically plagues me all day long. I’m going to see this remedy as far into the healing as I can take it.

The Rhus tox I am taking was not purchased.  It was potentized by my husband using a decagon, salt water, a crystal glass, a piece of paper with the words ‘Rhus tox’ written on it in back capital letters, and a deep intention.


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Beating The Holiday Blues

I can’t help but touch upon the holidays again because we still have a week before Thanksgiving and Christmas, and New Years. Much sadness and mixed feelings can overwhelm and derail even the stablest of us during these times. There is an expectation of joy and love as the holidays are supposed to be time spent happily celebrating with family- they mark the passage of time in our lives. But some of us just aren’t feeling it- for some of us it is a time of loneliness, anxiety, and self reflection.

holiday-blues1There are many reasons why the holidays can come to represent pain, grief, regret, and loneliness, or just plain mixed emotions, to say the least. Regardless of the scenario, the end result is experiencing the emotions I just mentioned. The concern is getting stuck lamenting- a not good place to get stuck.

Can we be generic when we talk about how to deal with a variety of disturbing emotions under these circumstances? Yes, somewhat, and here is your toolbox…this goes for addicts and normies alike;

Fix yourself up- doing your hair and make-up and putting on a pretty outfit can actually give you a lift (or guys, shower and put on some nice clothes). I can tell you from personal experience, this is an essential ‘first’ to lifting yourself up out of a funk.

Homeopathic Ignatia amara- this is the classic grief remedy covering shock, depression, and sadness. Other remedies on the table may include Apis mellifera for rage and bottled up emotions, Gelsemium sempervirens for sensitivity and tearfulness, Natrum muriaticum for intense sorrow, and Aurum metallicum for the feeling of hopelessness and suicide.

Bach Flower remedies- We have to applaud the genus of Dr Bach, who made remedies from the dew taken off flowers, matching natures attributes to those of human beings (and animals too). They deal almost exclusively with emotions. Gentle and deep acting, try Willow for bitterness and difficulty accepting injustices, White Chestnut for over-active and exhausting mental chatter, or Gorse for hopelessness.

St. John’s Wort and Ginkgo Biloba- these are considered natural depression medications. St John’s wort is very effective for depression, particularly for mild to moderate symptoms without the side effects often associated with drugs. Ginkgo Biloba improves neurotransmitter production in the brain and helps bring oxygen-rich blood to the brain to improve functioning and also may help fight feelings of despair.

Eat right- avoid processed foods and eat high in omega3 oils.

Reach out and call a family member- perhaps one you have been feuding with or one you may have neglected. Put your pride aside and be humble.

Give of yourself – one way is to volunteer serving those less fortunate than you- giving is one of the best ways to get off the pity train and ‘loose yourself’, and the rewards are immeasurable.

If you are a recovering addict suffering lows during the holidays, attend a meeting for strength and fellowship, keep busy and well fed, and choose from the following remedies- Lac humanum for feelings of isolation, estrangement, and detachedness, and we can look at homeopathic Tobacium or Aurum metallicum, both for cravings of all kinds. Or Agrimony, the Bach Flower remedy of choice for people who put on a brave face to hide their inner struggles, even from themselves, and most often given to those who suffer addiction.

Sai Sanjeevini is a prayer based system of healing which offers a pattern for addiction, amongst hundreds of other patterns for any malady or condition you could thing of. If you are not familiar with this healing system, think outside the box and go to Try making the addiction remedy right at home, and see what happens.

Read your bible, or take a Kabbalah lesson at the Rav’s site,

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