Healthy Morning Routines

This is my template for a perfect morning routine for individuals and families alike, with ideas to carry you through the day, which of course can be added to…

oilp2Oil pulling– swishing cold pressed sesame oil every morning for 15-20 minutes (on an empty stomach) is a panacea for dental carries, loose teeth, and gum pockets, not to mention the list of health issues it addresses such as diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, and diseases like polio, cancer, leprosy, polycystic kidney, neural fibroma, and paralysis. A must in everyone’s routine.


honey cinnamonCinnamon and honey– a teaspoon of each mixed together in the morning (and take it again at night time too), addresses a plethora of conditions including bad breath, upset stomach, hearing problems, infertility, flu, and weigh. The honey also soothes the throat, for those who are required to talk a lot during the day, providing a nice protection.


dog1Walk the dog- a little cardio for both.  It is bonding time with your dog, and a moment to touch base with your neighborhood. You will be surprised how calm and relaxed your dog is for the rest of the day, after a hearty morning walk!


five ritesFive rites– a short routine of Yoga-like poses, which opens your vortexes inviting youth, vigor, and vitality.





sai6Refresh Sai Sanjeevini prayers– I have mega remedies for each family member and broadcasts to certain people who are ill, and people and animals of calamities. My dining room table is our personal hospital, housing charts, decagons, and Sanjeevini prayer broadcasts, and each day I say a brief prayer to refresh them (remember, everything comes from Him).

set intentionSet your intentions for the day– mentally flip forward through your day in a positive and productive manor (and in warp speed)- this will keep you focused throughout the day, believe it or not.


kindnessA simple, or random act of kindness– make sure you perform at least one, everyday. It is what helps fulfill the ‘mutual guarantee’, and the joy of giving is unmatched by anything.                           kindness6kindness2kindness4