More Vaccine Nightmares

I’ve just been reading a plethora of articles about                                                   vaccine horror stories at                                           ,                                                                         not that I need more confirmation or statistics to know the devastation vaccines have reeked upon our
humankind, not to mention what we have done to upset the animal kingdom.

Here is a chart of the vaccination schedule the health care community wants you to give your child- over 37 vaccinations by the age of 18 months;

Birth(12 hours)

2 Months

4 Months 6 Months 7 Months 12-15 Months 18 Months 3 Years 4-6 Years
Hepatitis B Diphtheria Diphtheria Diphtheria Influenza HIB Diphtheria Influenza Diphtheria
Tetanus Tetanus Tetanus PCV Tetanus Tetanus
Pertussis Pertussis Pertussis Measles Pertussis Pertussis
Polio Polio Polio Mumps Hepatitis A Polio
HIB HIB Influenza Rubella Influenza Measles
PCV PCV PCV Varicella Mumps
Rotavirus Rotavirus Rotavirus Hepatitis A Rubella
Hepatitis B Hepatitis B Varicella
Influenza (2)

Is that insane, or what?

Eustace Mullins in his book, Murder by Injection says, “Under the leadership of the nation’s two most notorious quacks, Simmons and Fishbein (directors of the American Medical Association), a gigantic nationwide drug operation was perfected….Today, we suffer from a host of debilitating ailments, both mental and physical, nearly all of which can be traced directly to the operations of the chemical and drug (and vaccine) monopoly, and which pose the greatest threat to our continued existence as a nation.”

Look at these headlines;               

• According to a report published by the Department of Health, there are 28 Irish children and adolescents who have developed narcolepsy following the vaccination of swine Flu from 2009 onwards.

• Medical madness: Researchers develop genetically-engineered ‘pharm’ goats that produce vaccines in milk

• Whooping cough outbreak linked to vaccinated children

• Untested vaccines causing new wave of polio-like paralysis across India

• Pediatrician calls state trooper, child protective services on mother for refusing to vaccinate child

• FDA admits in court case that vaccines still contain mercury

A distraught woman recounts “ I got both (flu)          vaccines on Thursday. I was 9 weeks pregnant. I miscarried on Sunday. I was told by several doctors to get these vaccines.”   And the beat goes on…

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