The Three Day Heroin Rule- More About Chippers

It is hard to fathom that Jimmie has completed a course of study to become a drug and alcohol counselor, and he was never taught about chippers. Chippers are ‘weekend warriors’- folks who use heroin recreationally/intermittently and are not strung out or addicted. The 12 step group must feel very threatened when even considering someone being able to straddle heroin and life successfully- it is contrary to everything they teach and believe in. But it is true- this group, the greater portion of heroin users, does exist, and are still in the closet. Statistics show that 80% of all heroin users are chippers, not addicts. These chippers practice harm reduction, and that is how they stay alive and undiscovered…To do it well requires secrecy, privacy, and discipline- yes discipline. Harm reduction comes in many forms, and may be different to varying chippers. Harm reduction techniques could be:

Using clean needles- Dirty needles spread disease like HIV and Hep C

Using a formulate to prevent overdose when you haven’t used for a while– 60% of OD’s are from misjudging tolerance

Using a formula to prevent addiction- There are 2-  the 3  day rule (use 1 day and off 3 days) or the 8/72 rule (use for 8 hours and off for 72 hours).

Learning how to inject without getting an abscess- This is taught at the clean needle exchange- there is no reason to get an abscess

Purchase from acquirers, not dealers- It costs more but you are safer from being arrested

and lastly, little known…

Cut back amount if shooting in a new place- Tolerance is a funny thing. Addicts have been known to die from their second shot of the day after dividing their daily amount into three piles. It would therefore seem that their tolerance had been reduced since the first shot. It has been conjectured that tolerance was partially a matter of place-conditioning and that addicts who shoot in a particular gallery get conditioned- their body begins to gear up for a shot when they go there and that therefore they have a higher tolerance there. When they shoot up someplace else, their body isn’t ready and they OD.

I see the dilemma…How can we teach abstinence and harm reduction at the same time? Is it fair to keep this information from the chronic heroin relapsers, or would they think we are encouraging their use?

How many who overdosed might have been spared, had they known these simple harm reduction techniques and formulas?

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