Update: Oil Pulling

It has been about a year and 3 months since I first started talking about oil pulling, oroilp2 swishing. It is an interesting traditional Indian folk medicine claiming both oral and systemic health benefits. Mentioned in the Ayurvedic text Charaka Samhita, it is called Kavala Gandoosha / Kavala Graha. Oil pulling also reduces enamel wear from stomach acid from vomiting and has been shown in studies to reduce the total bacteria count, and cure dental caries (decay of bone or tooth) amongst many many other things.

sesame oilThe method is this: In the morning on an empty stomach, take a tablespoon of cold pressed sesame or coconut oil (must be cold pressed) and vigorously swish it around in your mouth for 15 minutes. Then spit it out. Be careful and fully dispose of the toxic waste that has just come from your mouth. The oil acts as a draw, and what you are spitting is a mix of bacteria and crap from your gums, from your stomach, and from however far the draw may reach.

These are some of the other things that oil pulling boasts being able to cure:

  •  Common allergies, colds, headaches
  • Allergy and respiratory problems of lungs like asthma, bronchitis
  • Skin problems like pigmentation, itching, rashes, scars, eczema
  • Digestive system
  • Constipation
  • Arthritis and joint pains
  • Heart disease and Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Piles
  • Diseases pertaining to female reproductive system reported by women

I posted many articles pertaining to the practice and experimented with both coconut oil and sesame oil, settling on the sesame oil, which I thought did a better job of pulling toxins. you might find this interesting, and a must read for those trying to put together their own natural medicine cabinet and healing closet  http://www.thependulist.org/2013/02/27/the-natural-medicine-cabinet-and-healing-closet/

About 6 months ago, after seeing the ‘holistic’ dentist and having a crown remounted on an some ailing teeth, I began seriously swishing 5 out of every 7 days in any given week. http://www.thependulist.org/2013/04/11/respect-for-the-dentist/   My diligence has paid off. My ailing teeth are better, my gums are healthier, and my teeth overall are whiter and straighter. But there is still an area of redness around one of my bad teeth, and I can tell it is not yet fully healed and infection free. Not only that my bridge is loose again, and I fear it will continue to give me trouble until the base underneath ( meaning the 2 questionable teeth) are stable .

sai teethHmmmmmmmmmm. About a month ago, Jimmie had suggested the Sai Sanjeevini pattern for teeth, which had helped him relieve a toothache. I decided to go it one better, and make the whole SSC 35a combination for dental caries and add it along with the high blood pressure combination (as well as the marital bliss combination) into our water cooler, so that every time we had a drink of water, or a bite of food made with the water, we get a dose of Sai Sanjeevini healing in many forms.

After 4 weeks of adding the SSC 35a to my water supply, my mouth has made some coolernew strides in healing. I am going for 100% perfection when it comes to my mouth, as many concur the mouth is a reflection of the body, a clue to your overall health, and that problems in your mouth can affect the rest of your body. mouth

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Your Questions- My Answers- Natural Healing

Here we go again with some very interesting questions and answers. Readers ask, and I reply…

“Can the tetanus vaccine cause narcolepsy?” The answer is yes. Dr. Mercola details a Danish study confirming and talks about the harmful effects of vaccines around the world.


“Can a body’s PH be determined by dowsing?” Yes, and you can make your own PH dowsing wheel using a blank template and inserting a PH spectrum of numbers, perhaps 4-9, with 7.3 being in perfect balance.

“Can Sai Sanjeevini heal kidney stones?” Yes, of course. For this condition, I would also be drinking a cocktail of hydrangea root tincture, apple juice and vinegar, and would be taking Berbis (homeopathic). For the prayer patterns, I would make a combination of patterns including SC12 cleansing and kidney.

“Can homeopathy cure homosexuality?” Homeopathy can bring the body back to homeostasis which may include a decrease or absence of homosexual feelings, and then again it might not. As I have said before, if someone is comfortable in their own skin, they probably have achieved balance in that area.

“Will oil pulling shrink gum pockets?” Absolutely. Oil Pulling has reduced my gum pockets, and whitened and straightened my teeth!


vaccinationSometimes I don’t get a question- it’s just a statement. Here is a common one… “I regret vaccinating my daughter.” All I can say to that is, “So do I, so do I.”


“Can you dowse to determine weather or not my husband has crossed the line and is having an affair?” You can, but not I.  I would never dowse to nail a cheating husband, but I would dowse to find a remedy for the jealous wife, and maybe one for the philandering husband too!

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