Balancing Food With Your Pendulum

About 3 months ago I received an email asking me to sign an on-line petition about some political or social issue, which I did, and since then I have been a recipient of emails from, a website dedicated to nothing but on-line petitions of the most worthy kind- political wrong doings of the conservatives, social injustices, safety issues ignored, and the list goes on. Here is a bleep from something I got today;

“Charles Drabkin though that Progresso soup was a healthy option for lunch, but then he found out that chemicals in the can lining have been linked to obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Progresso lines its soup cans with bisphenol A, or BPA. Scientists have long warned of BPA’s link to cancer, but a new study has found that it’s related to obesity and diabetes as well. According to the study, BPA basically tricks your fat cells into taking in more fat — and can also trick your pancreas into producing more insulin than necessary, which can lead to Type 2 Diabetes.

Consumer Reports says that Progresso uses dangerous levels of BPA in its soup cans — in fact, some samples contained so much BPA that eating just one serving would mean ingesting 80 times more BPA than experts say you should have in one day.”

Dangerous metals and chemicals in our vaccinations and dangerous metals and chemicals used as vessels for food- either way finding it’s way inside us! And still, after being made aware of the hazzards, Progresso does nothing about changing the materials they use to can with.
At the end of the day I like mason jars made of thick, reliable glass, where nothing can ‘seep’ in. Paper cartons are also green, safe, and recyclable. For
cooking and baking I like high end gear (that doesn’t peel off or rust) or properly tempered glass- well worth the investment.

There’s only so much that we can do, and now more than ever is the need to balance anything and everything– especially food- when you bring it home.  I ask my pendulum, according to a program I previously installed, to balance my food, or whatever, to be the most beneficial for every man, animal, plant, building, and thing.

Who would question a can of soup? Luckily, Charles Drabkin did, and now I will only buy soup which you can now get in a carton rather than a can.

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